An award-winning case of case management


While attending this year’s BPM & Case Management Global Summit in Washington, D.C., I was ecstatic to hear the news: WESTMED Practice Partners (WPP) and OnBase by Hyland were recognized by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) as the winner of an “Excellence in Case Management” award for healthcare and hospital management!

WPP leverages OnBase as a platform to configure and deploy case management applications enterprise-wide to improve performance, empower employees and increase visibility around a variety of human-driven work processes. A process control application is a large part of WPP’s award-winning solution, helping to increase consistency and accountability through the use of dynamic electronic checklists.

As I walked beside William Saint-Louis, WPP’s director of IS, to accept the award Wednesday evening, I looked around the room at the other award recipients – from insurance organizations to government agencies. I was struck by the universal application of case management, a discipline that at one point in time was only familiar within a limited subset of industries.

But today, the idea of improving knowledge-driven work and empowering employees to better manage unpredictable tasks is extremely relevant across industries and processes. The ability to take work that can’t be fully mapped out or automated – and to equip those who manage that work to make better decisions with access to all the data, documents and other information they need – is something all organizations can benefit from.

Even within WPP’s solution, the applications are wide-ranging and diverse, from IT help desk management to human resources – and many things in between!

While many sessions at this year’s Summit spoke about the future of BPM and case management (artificial intelligence, intelligent agents, design thinking and more), perhaps even more exciting to me are the transformations happening across organizations like WESTMED today. Companies adopting case management now to define the best way to complete human-driven work and achieve effective outcomes will be better equipped for changes and new technologies in the years to come.

Even though I was excited, the award was not OnBase’s first time in the case management spotlight. To learn about our recent recognition by Forrester Research for case management and smart process applications, read Time to rethink how OnBase helps organizations realize their full potential.

For more information about how OnBase takes a case management approach to solving business problems, visit To discover more about WESTMED’s process control application, read the complete case study here.

But enough about us, what’s your case for case management?

In her more than 10 (wonderful) years at Hyland, Amanda Ulery has taken on the mission of sharing the business value of Hyland solutions with anyone who will listen. The proud manager of the product marketing team, she has a background in integrated marketing, the stubborn focus (and eye for detail) of an ex-journalist and the goal of helping the world realize how Hyland solutions can truly transform the way we work.
Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

In her more than 10 (wonderful) years at Hyland, Amanda Ulery has taken on the mission of sharing the business value of Hyland solutions with anyone who will listen. The... read more about: Amanda Ulery