Address the chaos, part 4: 3 ways to embrace mobile madness

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During the first three parts of this series, we talked about reducing your reliance on paper, embracing electronic forms and de-cluttering your digital storage sprawl. Now, we turn our attention to an important technological advance that your employees are sure to embrace, because they already have: Their smart phones.

At our annual customer conference, CommunityLIVE, David Pogue, founder of Yahoo Tech, spoke about how technology has evolved. He talked about how the world has changed since the invention of the iPhone seven years ago.

Think about that. It is truly amazing to think how far we have come in seven years and how much our world has changed.

Are your employees mobile everywhere – except work?

Everything we do revolves around our phones. Devices, Pogue joked, that are rarely used as just that anymore. We expect the businesses we interact with to be mobile-friendly and at work we expect to be mobile. So it may be time for you to give in to mobile madness and give your employees the ability to capture information while they are on the go, interacting with clients or doing field work.

There are numerous risks associated with carrying around loose papers and even bigger risks associated with no managed way to capture information. Empowering your employees to capture information on a mobile device not only improves the service to your customers, but eliminates the risks involved in that information capture.

Three ways to cut chaos with mobile capture

There are three types of mobile capture you can employ to make sure your employees securely gather information in the field and make it immediately available for processing and access back at the office:

1. Image capture

Depending on the industry you work in, there are many scenarios where taking photos of the environment help builds a file with necessary evidence – whether for an auto insurance claim or showing evidence of a patient’s injury.

And, since your employees already have a phone with them, empowering it with the ability to upload to your work environment makes life easy.

2. Document capture

Employees can also use mobile devices as scanners in the field – taking images of completed documents. It is important to connect this functionality with an enterprise content management system that can flatten, clean up and correct image of documents, especially if you need automated data extraction performed on the documents.

3. Information capture

Further optimizing processes, you can leverage electronic forms on mobile devices to capture information and submit forms for immediate actions. Those electronic forms should also be able to capture signatures to eliminate the need for paper forms in the field.

All part of the plan

When all of this is part of a multi-channel capture strategy and a larger enterprise content management plan, a mobile strategy ensures all of your business information is connected the minute it is received and is available for immediate processing.

So suddenly, those mobile workers don’t impede a process because of the risk and time involved in collecting and sharing information. Instead, they suddenly improve, speed and trigger processes from wherever they are.

Welcome to the 21st Century, where chaos no longer reigns supreme!

Jaclyn Inglis Clark

Jaclyn Inglis Clark

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