Adaptive case management is not the end game – but it’s a step in the right direction

community_bank_monthDelivering the keynote address at the 2014 BPM & Case Management Global Summit, Jim Sinur emphasized that adaptive case management (ACM) is only the beginning. As a BPM/case management thought leader and former Research Vice President at Gartner, Sinur looked toward the future. He highlighted where BPM is going and the huge changes happening – both in available technological abilities and the types of business problems tackled by BPM.

So what sets ACM apart from core case management (CM) capabilities, including milestone management, history, collaboration, data management and business rules support? ACM takes CM to another level, adding functionality like dynamic milestone and task adjustment, process mining, social mining and resource sharing.

While not the finish line, ACM is an on-ramp to the new types of goal-driven processes organizations are dealing with, Sinur said. The market is moving from what he referred to as “frozen” processes (straight-through processing) into more liquid or even gaseous processes – which are dynamic, human-driven and often unpredictable. Case management approaches allow those managing knowledge work to move toward meeting milestones that lead to achieving larger objectives.

And even more powerful than a purely BPM or purely ACM approach are hybrid approaches that combine both functionalities to support all process styles from repeatable to unique – a duality that describes most knowledge work today.

So what’s next in the realm of transformative technology? More machines, intelligent processes and smart assistant agents, according to Sinur, all of which have their own challenges and ethics considerations.

While these technologies are likely not top-of-mind for the many organizations still working toward optimizing human-driven work – especially those who have yet to take the first step down that path – the smarter processes of the future are exciting and inspiring. In fact, they’re unstoppable and game-changing all at once.

Simply put, embracing case management today is a move in the right direction for the changes of tomorrow.

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Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

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