Access information wherever you are: 3 ways mobile solutions keep business moving when you’re OOO


Many decision makers spend time on the road or out of the office (OOO). To make informed decisions, they need access to real-time information – wherever they are. And we’re not just talking about access to emails or the Internet. They need to interact with their work processes.

To do that, decision makers need to not only view documents, but all the pertinent information they would have access to if they were sitting at their desks.

The good news is they can. By simply extending their enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel, they just take it with them.

Today’s leading ECM applications are capable of extending their solutions to mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, so employees can make important decisions outside the office.

Here’s how mobile ECM solutions help keep business going when you’re not there:

1. Shortens the document lifecycle

Instead of waiting until you are back in the office – get those documents approved on the go. Less waiting time means your organization completes tasks faster.

2. Increases productivity

With the ability to search and receive documents wherever and whenever, employees are able to get more done with ease.

3. Reduces errors

As work is synchronized directly back to the corporate network, you eliminate the errors found when employees have to add information to the network manually.

By giving employees access to their daily processes wherever they are, you’re able to keep key processes – like loan approvals, invoice processing and customer inquiries – moving forward.

And with mobile access to transactions, everyone stays in the loop. Processes continue to move forward even when key personnel are out of the office. Business continues to run as efficiently as possible, regardless of where you or your employees are.

As a result, your institution isn’t at risk of losing customers to a competitor who answers questions quicker. Mobile access makes business process more efficient and productive, which leads to happier customers – and isn’t keeping customers happy what it is really all about?

Lisa LoParo

Lisa LoParo

Lisa LoParo brings more than 14 years of experience in marketing to her role as product marketing manager for mobile at Hyland, creator of OnBase. Her mission is to teach... read more about: Lisa LoParo