A new equation for IT, business units and customer satisfaction


Happy employees = happy customers.

You’ve probably heard some version of this sentiment mimicked in scholarly research studies, printed in business publications, or heralded by motivational speakers. And from our experience at Hyland, creator of OnBase, it’s true.

However, I think we can add to that popular equation. To be happy, to serve customers, to be brilliant in the moment and make good decisions, your employees need intuitive solutions and access to information, in context, at the right time. But they rely on your IT department to create, maintain and support the applications and systems they work in on a daily basis to get this critical information.

The new equation

So I propose this new and improved equation: Happy IT department = happy business units = happy customers.

And what’s one big way that you can make your IT department happy? By giving it the tools and resources it needs to quickly meet rising demands from business units with the smallest amount of pain possible.

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To prepare for the webinar, ask yourself this: Are you building every application from scratch via costly, time-consuming and hard-to-maintain custom coding? This is inefficient and a potentially big problem if key developers decide to pursue other career opportunities. If this is the route your organization is taking, you have to plan for those types of roadblocks.

Or maybe you’ve decided to invest in something like 100 different point solutions or niche applications to meet different business needs. This is a nightmare in terms of upgrades, security and integration.

Either way, both of these choices lead to crippling IT sprawl. When business-critical information is scattered across multiple, off-the-shelf and custom-coded applications, your workers are less efficient and your customers’ experiences suffer.

To think outside the box, think RADically

A low-code, rapid application development (RAD) platform minimizes these challenges, reducing sprawl while helping IT meet increasing demand for business applications that empower employees and thereby boosting the customer experience.

If your organization is still stuck in this build vs. buy dilemma, you’re not alone. According to a 2015 Forrester Consulting Study commissioned by Hyland, 88 percent of organizations are still choosing between these two options.

But how are those organizations that are thinking outside the build vs. buy box faring? Well, just take it from a Project Manager at a U.S. building materials company, quoted in the Forrester Study: “Forever, we had two ways of doing things: buy or develop. Now we have a third option: to configure [on a low-code platform]. It changed our whole world. We went from doing about one project a year to between eight and 10.”

Not only can a content-enabled RAD platform equip your IT department with the flexible tools it needs, but it also provides your business units with the information they need, in context, when they need it.

Learn more – including benefits of early adopters and what you should look for in a low-code platform – by registering for our webinar on March 10 at 1:00 p.m. ET featuring guest speaker Clay Richardson, principal analyst at Forrester Research: Think Beyond Build vs. Buy to Empower Employees and Customers.

And download the Forrester Study, To Be Brilliant in the Moment, Think Beyond Buy Versus Build: Rapid Application Development Platforms Offer a Faster, Easier Alternative, published in September, 2015, to learn more about the value of configuring business applications on a point-and-click, content-enabled RAD platform.

Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

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