3 reasons OnBase and Episys are better together How credit unions can get the most out of their Episys core

For financial organizations, core applications are the foundation for IT stacks. They provide essential functionality to address members’ needs, help them contend with changing regulatory pressures and deliver real-time insights into business operations. However, core solutions alone can’t do everything, leaving many credit unions to seek complementary technology to augment and enhance core systems with essential capabilities to provide exceptional service.

For more than 30 years, Hyland has taken great pride in the core integrations we’ve developed to help our credit union customers take control of their information and connect it to the right people and processes — at the right time — to support members in a timely manner. For example, years ago we collaborated with Jack Henry to create the OnBase integration for Episys.

Our strategy has never been to replace the Episys application, but rather to augment and extend the core in critical ways to surface the right information for decision makers to make the best decisions and help their organizations provide outstanding member service. This partnership approach with Symitar is why more than 50 credit unions have integrated OnBase, Hyland’s enterprise information platform, with Episys to more easily solve the complex and ever-changing challenges they face in the industry.

But not every solution provider takes this partnership approach, and with the consolidation happening within the industry, it’s essential that credit unions find and implement the right complementary technology to support their goals, both today and into the future.

Here are the top three reasons why connecting Episys with OnBase is the most impactful integration option for credit unions:

#1: You extend functionality without leaving Episys

We know Episys is where most employees spend the majority of their time — and we don’t want to change that. Our purpose-built integration for Episys, using SymXchange, provides users with the complementary functionality they need, delivered through OnBase, without ever leaving Episys. This boosts productivity and delivers the personalized service members expect.

AP automation

#2: You gain a complete view

Member expectations have changed significantly, with digital interactions reigning as the primary way to initiate or complete processes. With the myriad of forms and digitized content coming into an institution, credit unions are faced with a new challenge to better capture and connect digital information to the right process or member account. This is where content services platforms shine, by working in the background through a seamless integration with the core system, connecting the right data to the right member account and giving a 360-degree view of all information related to a specific member and their corresponding accounts. By connecting users to secure, any-time access to information they facilitate more responsive and meaningful interactions. This ensures member satisfaction and builds loyalty.

#3: You Increase productivity with intelligent automation

Many organizations accelerated their technology investment strategy in response to the COVID-19 situation so they could more quickly meet digitization and automation goals and keep pace with members’ changing needs. Intelligent automation and workflow solutions are the primary drivers of this type of automation. Intelligent automation:

  • Anticipates the needs of users and members
  • Helps credit unions reduce costs and improve speed, accuracy and transparency in processes
  • Eliminates repetitive manual tasks

Continue driving value with Episys

It’s clear that transformation and intelligent automation are more than just buzz words.

In the post-2020 world and the next normal, both are key strategies credit unions must implement to remain competitive and provide the best possible service.

As a recognized content services leader noted for its vertical market expertise, my team of financial services experts are here to help understand your goals moving forward, and the best way to gain the most value from your Episys core. I’d love to continue the conversation via email or LinkedIn to answer any questions, learn more about your goals and ensure you are leveraging your Episys system to the fullest.

Steve Comer

Steve Comer is the assistant vice president of financial services and insurance sales.

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