Serving the entire enterprise makes Hyland a leader in DAM

Hyland should be your DAM solution

According to the Omdia ICT Enterprise Insights 2021 survey, one out of every four organizations is planning to make a major investment in web content management, imaging and digital asset management (DAM) technology in the next 18 months.

Another 32.4 percent expect to make a minor investment.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: The pandemic accelerated digital transform initiatives for many (all?) organizations. Omdia projects that content management will be a $27.2 billion market by 2023 — a figure that’s almost $7 billion ahead of the estimate for 2020.

DAM, which is included in those market projections, also is growing rapidly, and we’re pleased to announce that Hyland and Nuxeo are being recognized for our efforts in the space.

Omdia, in its first report on the DAM market, named Hyland a leader. We believe our recognition reflects the increased strength of our enterprise-wide solutions following the addition of the Nuxeo DAM to the Hyland portfolio of products.

Hyland, Omdia said, should be on the short list of any organization that is looking to “serve the entire enterprise.”

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Defining digital asset management (DAM)

What, exactly, is DAM, aside from a cool-sounding acronym?

Omdia defines DAM as “the technologies and tools required to store and manage digital assets, including images, video, audio, and documents that are used for creating engaging customer experiences.”

That includes repository and management capabilities; artificial intelligence and machine learning; asset management; metadata, tagging and classification; governance and security; cloud; and other capabilities.

Put simply, it’s acquiring, managing, organizing and protecting a company’s digital assets.

The importance of enterprise DAM

Images are used everywhere in your organization. They’re part of different processes, and often they exist in silos, with different teams not able to share assets.

That can create brand confusion when the images are being used externally. (Your employees will be perplexed, too.)

Connecting the images with an organization’s content, “and managing them through a true enterprise-wide” DAM platform can produce “increased efficiencies as well as improved employee and customer experiences,” Hyland Director of Product Marketing Alan Porter recently wrote.

Organizations, Porter wrote, “need to stop thinking about images as completed isolated assets created for a singular purpose.” Instead, companies should “think in terms of an enterprise digital content supply chain.”

Why Hyland

Hyland is the only company in the Omdia report that offers both a content services platform (CSP) and DAM.

The report — Omdia Universe: Selecting a Digital Asset Management Solution, 2021–22 — highlights Hyland’s “extensive capabilities across all areas” of the business.

The Hyland Nuxeo DAM truly does it all, from connecting the dots with business-specific AI to controlling the workflow and changing the rules. The latter can occur via low-code platforms that allow you to quickly and easily change how content is managed.

The Omdia report credits Hyland for taking “a different approach to DAM” — one that “has created product asset management (PAM) to reflect the fact that DAM should serve the enterprise in its entirety and not just sales and marketing.” That’s important, Omdia said, because “assets encompass far more than just images, video, and audio.”

The report also credits Hyland’s …

  • Commitment to investing in DAM
  • Multiple levels of AI capability — from common-use cases to business-specific instances
  • Wide applicability in AI-powered search
  • Strong governance and security capabilities

The Omdia recognition follows Hyland recently being named a content services leader by Gartner and Forrester.

Content services. Digital asset management. Serving the entire enterprise.

It’s what we do.

Get your complimentary copy of the Omdia report to learn why we keep earning strong reviews from lead analysts. And consider putting us on your short list.

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Describing himself as “not your typical VP,” John Phelan is executive vice president and chief product officer at Hyland. He joined the organization in March of 1999 as a quality assurance representative. He is an AIIM ECM Specialist and is CDIA+ and MCSE certified.
John Phelan

John Phelan

Describing himself as “not your typical VP,” John Phelan is executive vice president and chief product officer at Hyland. He joined the organization in March of 1999 as a quality... read more about: John Phelan