Series intro: How automated data capture solves your biggest workflow problems

Up to 80 percent of business-critical data is trapped inside unstructured and unmanaged documents. The only way out, until recently, was through inefficient and error-prone manual data entry.

Now there’s a better way: automated data capture. Automating your data capture gives department managers and process owners the ability to classify documents, extract and validate critical information, and update the necessary business systems — all electronically and automatically.

3 reasons to automate your data capture

By automating document processing with structured and intelligent data capture technology, you:

  1. Reduce manual effort and dramatically improve employee productivity
  2. Increase workflow accuracy and speed for better operational efficiency
  3. Customize services to fit your unique needs, giving you an edge over the competition

In this three-part weekly blog series, we’ll delve deeper into how each of these pillars can make your employees more innovative and productive, and your organization more efficient and competitive.

Check out part 1, where we’ll discuss three big ways automated data capture reduces manual efforts and business costs.

Sam Mazzola

Sam Mazzola

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