How automated data capture solves your biggest workflow problems: Part 3

Is automated data capture (ADC) right for your organization?

As we’ve seen throughout this series, chances are, it is. Notable for its flexibility, ADC gives you the ability to customize your solution to fit all your specific requirements – and solve business issues.

What are the benefits of ADC?

For example, Yankee Candle’s Fundraising division leveraged Hyland’s ADC technology to automate the scanning of order forms. And with about 70 percent of its business coming from the education sector – groups of grade school through high school students – the solution’s sophisticated hand print recognition functionality works wonders. It helps speed the process of getting this information into a single, central location for staff to quickly access as needed.

The solution provided immediate benefits by taking paper storage out of the equation and giving the organization visibility and easy access to electronic documents. Other benefits include:

  • Improved customer service
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized processes that automatically keep order forms moving forward

As another example, Bentall Kennedy, a Canadian real estate development firm, needed to solve the problems that naturally result from a large multi-office accounts payable process. With an automated data capture solution, the company streamlined invoice processing from start to finish, trimming weeks from the payment cycle.

“The biggest benefit of Hyland solutions is that they allow us to save a million dollars annually through creating efficiencies and streamlining our AP processes,” says Ben Adams, Director of Business Processes at Bentall Kennedy.

What are the ADC use cases?

Advanced data capture solutions – also referred to as intelligent capture – meet a variety of business-process needs across departments and industries.

Consider the following examples:

Eliminate manual data entry

With the exception of free-form handwritten letters, the right ADC solution is flexible enough to automate the processing of any document type.

It also includes powerful features like:

  • Capturing data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured business-critical documents
  • Finding common data in uncommon locations, eliminating the need for pre-configured templates in different document profiles
  • Requiring minimal IT maintenance with a system you can implement in a matter of days or weeks
  • Serving as the front-end capture tool for any enterprise content management (ECM) or line-of-business (LoB) solution
  • Working seamlessly with your current or planned content services strategy
  • Integrating with enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management, data management systems (DMS), and departmental and business systems without disruption

Data capture solutions have the flexibility and scalability to meet your business needs – now and into the future. The right solution provides ROI from day one — and from page one — ultimately giving your company a competitive business edge.

Ready to learn more? Download the white paper Transform Multichannel Data into Information with Capture.

What do you get when you mix a certified Microsoft trainer, five years of experience at a large banking institution and an MBA in Information Systems? The answer – you get Sam Mazzola, Hyland Software's director of financial services solutions. He's been a part Hyland’s team for ten years, specifically focused on financial services. If you have a question about PCI compliance, the latest FDIC regulation or how to battle a seven-footer in the post, contact him at [email protected]
Sam Mazzola

Sam Mazzola

What do you get when you mix a certified Microsoft trainer, five years of experience at a large banking institution and an MBA in Information Systems? The answer – you... read more about: Sam Mazzola