How automated data capture solves your biggest workflow problems: Part 2

Want your business to be more successful? As I mentioned last time, it’s time to try automated data capture (ADC).

When it comes to ADC, process owners and department managers often focus on the most obvious benefits of time and cost savings from capturing information electronically and automatically extracting data.

But these aren’t the only advantages.

The fact is, the more quickly and accurately you acquire the data you need, the more successful your department and more profitable your organization will become. You’ll be able to handle current and increasing workloads with existing staff, help meet overall strategic efficiency goals and meet internal or external SLAs more easily. Through automated tools and intuitive user interfaces, ADC also can lead to higher levels of operational efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools and functionality of ADC solutions and how they support more accuracy and speed in your workflows.


When you catch errors and resolve them on the front end, fewer people need to handle and resolve the issues later, potentially saving time and money. Automated data capture software is also configurable to validate business rules, ensuring all information is complete and correct before moving further downstream.

A robust ADC solution is capable of:

  • Efficiently processing documents in different file types, in different languages, across different departments
  • Validating and repairing data according to information that exists in other systems
  • Allowing staff to easily verify and correct data wherever it can’t be done automatically
  • Seamlessly passing content along to your core business applications
  • Performing error-free calculations on numerical information for financial and budget purposes
  • Eliminating indexing errors such as duplicate data entry by pulling information from other systems
  • Automatically delivering data and documents to the right departments and individuals


Automated data capture technology that includes intelligent capture speeds invoice processing from days or weeks to mere hours through accounts payable automation. It also reconciles accounts receivables remittances in seconds. And with faster workflows, your department or organization can better meet current and increasing business demands.

A robust ADC solution will:

  • Immediately update other business systems with the most recent and accurate data
  • Integrate with all back-office systems and repositories to ensure employees have instant access to the documents and information they need
  • Save time spent correcting inaccurate data further into the decision-making process
  • Report related analytics in real-time


Ultimately, having immediate access to metrics and key performance indicators allows decision-makers to gain insight into the capture process and take decisive action, while still maintaining control of regulation requirements.

For more insight into ADC and how it can improve your workflow and workplace, check out the entire series, and then come back for part 3 on June 19.

What do you get when you mix a certified Microsoft trainer, five years of experience at a large banking institution and an MBA in Information Systems? The answer – you get Sam Mazzola, Hyland Software's director of financial services solutions. He's been a part Hyland’s team for ten years, specifically focused on financial services. If you have a question about PCI compliance, the latest FDIC regulation or how to battle a seven-footer in the post, contact him at [email protected]
Sam Mazzola

Sam Mazzola

What do you get when you mix a certified Microsoft trainer, five years of experience at a large banking institution and an MBA in Information Systems? The answer – you... read more about: Sam Mazzola