How automated data capture solves your biggest workflow problems: Part 1

If any part of your workflow requires someone on your team to manually read documents and enter data, then you know: The process is slow, tedious and error-prone.

This bottleneck results in rising costs and lost hours, as employees are held up doing menial tasks that, while necessary, are low in business value.

However, there is a solution. Automated data capture (ADC) tools and technology – which automatically read printed or handwritten documents, extract required data and sync with your existing workflows – free employees to focus on higher-value tasks and projects.

3 big ways automated data capture reduces manual effort — and business costs

Incorporating ADC into your workflow results in three major benefits:

1. Reduces handling of physical paper

An ADC solution cuts down the amount of paper you need to handle, as well as the document preparation you need to do. Best of all, you’ll no longer need to transport piles of documents around the office and between buildings. Or pay for costs like storage, couriers and destruction.

Meanwhile, paperwork gets easier because you capture documents where they originate, on a wide variety of devices, without the need to manually sort or insert separator pages prior to the scanning stage. Intelligent data capture tools automatically sort and identify documents — plus, you can configure them to automatically determine whom the document should be sent to, then notify that individual and deliver it electronically.

2. Speeds the capture of electronic documents

Using ADC tools like intelligent capture technology results in an even faster and easier capture process.

This is because intelligent capture:

  • Reads machine-printed characters, hand-printed characters, barcodes and marks like check boxes and filled circles
  • Captures all file formats automatically from email inboxes and file-sharing services (i.e., Word, Excel and image files)
  • Imports documents directly from most applications, further streamlining workflows

Intelligent capture also empowers you to classify documents regardless of type or where information is located on documents. In fact, some solutions even include tools to ensure files are optimized for data extraction.

3. Eliminates manual data entry

With ADC, you eliminate errors as well as the most tedious aspects of paperwork processing. That means your employees won’t have to manually process business checks, or go through mail to extract the information you need.

Even for a small team, reducing the manual data entry effort surrounding document processing lowers labor costs, accelerates business processes and improves customer service by ensuring employees have up-to-date information at their fingertips. By scaling ADC across a larger department or organization, it yields even better results.

To learn more ways your company can benefit, check out part 2 and part 3 of this series!

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Sam Mazzola

Sam Mazzola

What do you get when you mix a certified Microsoft trainer, five years of experience at a large banking institution and an MBA in Information Systems? The answer – you... read more about: Sam Mazzola