Artificial intelligence and capture technology: A recipe for success

Terms like artificial intelligence have now become a part of our everyday vocabulary. They are thrown around in conversations about autonomous cars and robot-like personal assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa.

So you may be wondering how – and why – artificial intelligence is being incorporated into business technology.

There are obvious applications like business data analytics or customer service products. But it is time to think through how you can implement this type of intelligence into each process around your business – and sometimes the applications aren’t going to be as easy to identify.

What processes can AI + capture help?

Check both your front office and back office operations for areas where employees are manually entering information into your systems. This is where automated data capture can solve issues like miskeyed data and free employees to do more important tasks.

Is this old news to you?

If so, it may be time to spice up your capture solution.

Automated capture is upping its IQ!

Data capture solutions are starting to leverage concepts from artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to take process automation to the next level. As incoming documents and information change, even in a single process, business solutions need to adapt.

This is exactly what intelligence within capture technology can do. The intelligence allows these solutions to learn and adapt.

True intelligence in automation

Look for a blog post in a few weeks detailing this more. But in the meantime, make sure to check out a recording of our recent webinar – The Mind of Intelligent Data Capture: Designing True Intelligence in Automation – to learn what these concepts mean in the context of capture and specifically what intelligence looks like in these products.

Jaclyn Inglis Clark

Jaclyn Inglis Clark

Over the last few years working at Hyland, creator of OnBase, Jaclyn has definitely started to drink the Kool Aid – day and night enthusiastically discussing the wonderful benefits of... read more about: Jaclyn Inglis Clark

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  1. Avatar Ayush Srivastava says:

    Artificial Intelligence is going to play a major role in future development and market research also.

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