Winning: It’s not a big secret, but many miss the one key factor in tech

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Last week, I felt like I was in a commercial for bad remote meetings. It was especially frustrating because I was the star.

Working at Hyland with team members located in many states requires many remote meetings. That’s why we have implemented technology to make this work flawlessly.


You see, I’ve recently had intermittent issues with my home office internet that has significantly affected performance in video conferencing. So, I’ve had our internet provider services professionals out to the house several times in the past few months to diagnose and fix the issues.

And just last week—two days after another technician switched out some hardware and gave me the thumbs up—it happened again.

I was on a call and as I was speaking, I hear: “Sarah? Sarah, I think we lost you … I think we lost her.”

I thought I was going to lose my mind.

But an amazing thing happened right after that meeting when I reached out to the principal services expert on that team. He shared with me that our geographic area—a historic district in the city—had just gained the fiber optic capabilities we needed. And yes, it required another service call to swap out everything.

But the difference is truly transformational.

You’d think we had upgraded from a dial-up modem. But no, our former setup was the best solution our top communications company had to offer until now, and we pay a lot of money every month for this service. It was just a few steps behind the most advanced technology.

It’s funny, working for a leading software company for the last 15 years, I never cease to be amazed at the speed at which technology moves for optimization. And transformative capabilities are gaining momentum by the minute.

Upgrading to the new offering made a huge difference in usability, and user happiness. I call that a win.

Keeping current truly makes a difference in the agility, security and capabilities of software solutions

As owners of Hyland solutions, you have a tremendous advantage with the technology you already have in place.

But as business processes evolve, security requirements change and technology advances—both in Hyland technology and the underlying infrastructure and operating systems—all customers face the challenge of having to adapt their solutions. Including upgrading to the latest version.

Because if you want the latest capabilities that will best serve your customers, so they can best serve their customers, you have to.

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, the people we serve increasingly rely on technology that provides instant access to information or services, from all types of mobile devices, 24/7. It’s the new normal.

Regularly upgrading your Hyland solutions, at least every two years, is the easiest way to ensure you have industry-leading capabilities, and the most secure implementation. After all, security measures are developing as fast as innovative technology offerings.

You are not on your own: Eliminate uncertainty for your Hyland upgrades with expert guidance

Upgrading is a simple concept that yields innumerable benefits. But it is not always a simple undertaking. There are many challenges you could encounter in an upgrade—from resources stretched thin, to infrastructure considerations, to SLAs requiring minimal downtime.

Our upgrade experts understand what behavior to expect from the new software and can easily troubleshoot any issues encountered in the upgrade process. This minimizes the time and effort needed to execute the upgrade, including APIs that need to be fixed or disk groups that need to be redirected.

Working with Hyland Upgrade Services means that your time commitment for the process is minimal, as is any downtime. And we’ll fit the scope of service to your needs, from leading the upgrade and providing a full support engagement, to guidance and consulting, and all needs in between.

Change is good; and we are all here for each other along the ride

The reality is, Hyland solutions come in all shapes and sizes; it’s one of the things that makes life interesting for us Hylanders who have spent years implementing and upgrading our customers’ solutions.

When I first joined Hyland as a technical writer, the Hyland Cloud was in its infancy. Advanced capture was a vastly different set of offerings. And most of our workforce operated out of one building in Northeast Ohio.

Fast forward to today, where our campus in Ohio houses three state-of-the-art buildings, we have more than 3,400 employees and operate out of 30 offices around the globe. Now many of our interactions are with co-workers and customers in different time zones.

We are also a leader in content services delivery with mature, world-class and market-leading hosting environment offerings.

Change is constant, and good.

But two things are also constant:

  1. Keeping your content services platform up-to-date is a strategic, risk-mitigating move. You’ll ensure your system remains stable and secure with the latest security features, equipping you to meet current compliance standards and reduce risk.
  2. If you ever encounter any challenges or need any advice, we are here for you.

We all want our technology to work flawlessly. And we all want to win.

So take this opportunity to easily modernize your platform to the latest and greatest capabilities; you’ll be very happy you did.

As a Content Strategist for Hyland's Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has earned several industry certifications along the way—including Microsoft Certified Professional—and has spent time in Solution, Product and Global Services Marketing. Having the opportunity to experience the technical, user-based, enterprise-class and industry-specific areas of Hyland's solutions and services gives Sarah unique insight into the true impact Hyland has on the world. An avid reader and outdoors enthusiast, Sarah enjoys spending time exploring with her Golden-doodle dog Leo and writing about the impactful, inspirational human stories that accompany technology in our evolving, data-driven world.
Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner

As a Content Strategist for Hyland’s Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has... read more about: Sarah Stoner