Understanding Your Processes: It’s How We Make the Complex Enjoyable

blog_post_1_imageAn unsettling thing happened to me on the way to vacation. The night before I left, I received a letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles stating I was randomly selected to show proof of insurance for the specific date listed. Randomly selected. Sounds ominous, right?

Now, my logical self said, “Ugh, what a pain, but no big deal.” I mean after all, I was insured…but the cautious side of me immediately remembered my friend who had let his insurance lapse for literally two days. He got pulled over during that time and wound up having to take the bus to work for six months. So I checked out my options for providing the BMV my information.

No phone option. No website option. No e-mail option. Perfect.

My only option was to scan in my card, print it out and mail it to them. And as it always seems to happen when I’m in a hurry, there were issues with both my home scanner and printer. But I troubleshoot for a living, so I figured it out, got it in the mailbox by 10pm and thought, well that’s that. Here’s hoping it will get to the right person.

It’s particularly frustrating for me – a Hyland Software Global Services employee – to participate in a paper-based process which provides no flexibility (what if I didn’t have a printer at home?), takes unnecessary time out of an already busy schedule and provides no immediate confirmation. Especially when I could potentially lose my license (!) if I did it wrong.

In my line of work, we take processes just like these, look at them from the perspective of management, worker and customer or constituent, and we insert technological solutions to ease the process and provide better results.

Our Higher Education solutions, for example, take paper-based processes like Admissions, or Financial Aid, or Transfer Credit Evaluation and we eliminate the most time-consuming and frustrating components. Students submit their forms – paper or electronic-via website, e-mail or snail mail – and our OnBase solutions take it from there. They capture data from the forms, route them to the right people, update the Student Information Systems and automatically provide notifications to the students.

Our solutions clear the way for the important work. Like making decisions that require thought from knowledge workers. Other yes/no decisions, (is all the paperwork here?) automatically are resolved by OnBase workflow rules.

Of utmost importance to us when we are designing solutions for you, our customer, is to understand the normal path a user goes through in the course of a day and to put the functionality they need right in that path. They don’t have to remember anything else, and we automate wherever we can. It’s what we call an elegant solution. You barely know it’s there, but it makes your life a heck of a lot easier.

We understand these normal user paths, because we take the time to listen to what you need to move forward in your business. Where are the roadblocks in your processes, staffing or technical resources? Only when we know this can we design a project that provides the most benefit with the resources and time available.

It really works, getting to know you. It makes our services projects meaningful and mutually beneficial. And it is so satisfying to craft the solutions that elevate your day-to-day work processes to a new, more relevant and efficient level.

I wonder if the employee at the BMV felt that way when she printed out my conformance letter and dropped it into the mailbox to me. I’m guessing not, but if she reads this, maybe she’ll be inspired.

Tusiime Ndyajunwoha

Tusiime Ndyajunwoha

A Manager of Solution Development within Hyland Software’s Global Services group, Tusiime has spent the past five years providing consulting services to Higher Education organizations. Prior to joining Hyland, Tusiime... read more about: Tusiime Ndyajunwoha