The top 10 ways on-demand services help with your upgrade

As I promised last week, here are some great reasons to reach out for help during your upgrade process.

The most obvious benefit is the assurance your team has, knowing that a team of experts is available to help you. Below are some of the other most common reasons. At a minimum, we will have a monthly touch-point along the way, proactively staying engaged to help you.

Here are 10 more scenarios where on-demand services can help:

  1. You’re looking for guidance on implementing new features or functionality, or the software upgrade process has changed since you last upgraded
  2. You desire a second set of eyes to review your overall upgrade strategy, including checklists or plans for testing
  3. You would like resources to be on standby (or actively involved) when you complete the production upgrade
  4. You have completed upgrades before, but this project involves more than just the software upgrades (e.g. you’re changing hardware, upgrading third-party apps, addressing user workstation changes to browsers or operating systems and so on)
  5. You would like to bounce ideas off experts who conduct upgrades all the time, and have endless tools and resources at their disposal
  6. Your organization has completed upgrades before, but you know the process could go better
  7. When you run into challenges, you aren’t on your own
  8. You want to be able to reach out and get help instead of spending days on your own trying to figure something out
  9. You are looking for the latest best practices and want to talk through concepts instead of digging through pages of documentation
  10. Your upgrade requires changes to forms, scripts or other challenging parts of your solution; you can either get a little help, or simply outsource some of those more complex changes to Hyland experts

If any of these sound familiar, remember, we’re here to help.

Tori Brenneison

Tori Brenneison

Tori Brenneison is an art historian-turned-software developer who started at Hyland in February 2016, working on the OnBase Integration for Guidewire and serving as an instructor with Hyland Technical Outreach.... read more about: Tori Brenneison