The Global Services Winning Playbook: It’s All About Observing, Adapting and the Expert Execution of the Play

blog_post_2_imageIf you know me, you know I’m a Clemson fan. No, not a fan; a Clemson addict. This often leads to some rather heated discussions around football at lunch. Like, does an undefeated Ohio State team belong in the BCS Championship? I say not if there is a 1 loss SEC team and any other undefeated team (except NIU).

It’s not a popular stance here in Buckeye country, and so we have this earnest “discussion” quite often- just yesterday, in fact. And as usual, everyone came armed with stats, editorials and a ton of evidence to back up their stance and refute the opposition. Coincidentally, I happened to be on LinkedIn right after lunch, when I noticed this timely quote and I had to laugh:

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”
$Stephen Covey$

I have to say, I’m really a fan of that quote… it’s true in so many situations, not just sports banter. But here in Hyland’s Global Services division, I am a fan because we are the exception. I honestly think that’s the reason most of us are sitting in the seats we occupy here.

We listen with the intent to understand, and we’re truly committed to it.

From the first encounter we have with a potential customer, our goal is 100% about understanding what you are doing today and where you want to go. To uncover the roadblocks you face and understand the best approach for your solution.

The roadblocks are different for every organization, even those in your industry. Sometimes the main issue is customer wait times. Sometimes it is a regulatory mandate that uses too many personnel resources. Sometimes it’s the length of revenue cycles.

Often, the main problem is undefined and you just know you need to expand your ECM solution to another area of the business or integrate it with your ERP. When you look to us for guidance, it’s a personal challenge for us to truly understand the low-level issues you are dealing with, what that means to your bigger picture and how to help you get to where you want to be.

For our team members to get it right, we begin by listening.

So we’ll never walk into a conference room at the beginning of a project-a bunch of suits-and tell you what your problems are and how we are going to make everything all right.

For us, it needs to be a lot more personal than that…because our teams know that the processes and goals under discussion already have a lot of personal investment from you. We care about your investment. We are committed to understanding your perspective and to making your processes better with technology. And we are sincerely invested in the solutions we build because we want them to fuel your success, and improve the lives of those you serve.

I’ve been asked more than a few times how we’ve created this army of highly technical, specialized people who care so much. It’s a simple answer.

We find the right people to make up our teams.

My Global Services family has experts from a wide variety of fields. Whether I need someone with expertise in infrastructure and performance, or a team with decades of experience in converting legacy content, I know that I can count on my teammates to provide second-to-none advice and knowledge.  If I need someone with industry-leading experience in Healthcare or Government or Higher Education, I’m confident that our industry experts have the right answers. And this blend of technical, industry and interpersonal skills is what truly sets us apart. We are able to confidently craft industry-leading solutions, knowing our teams are backed by the strength of 1,600 highly talented, passionate Hyland employees who are eager to help.

This is the same approach we use in a services engagement. There are no barriers; just an unrelenting drive and spirit of collaboration that enables us to see how to get you where you want to be, and to provide the expert resources to make it happen. It’s about teamwork. Just like a great (Clemson) football team.

Like any true sports fan, being personally invested in our team works for us. And it works for our customers, who are also part of our team. We know it works for them because a third of our new services engagements come from those we’ve served in the past. And if you need us to wear a suit to the boardroom, we’re happy to oblige. Because fueling your success begins with listening to what you need.

Jesse Caseldine

Jesse Caseldine

A Team Leader in Hyland Global Services, Jesse joined the Hyland Software team in April of 2010. An OnBase Certified Installer, he has five years of software consulting experience in... read more about: Jesse Caseldine