The ECM Journey: Not a Drive-Thru

Hyland Global ServicesAt lunchtime the other day, starving (!) and happy that I had a good half-hour before diving into a presentation, I pulled out my lunch at my desk. My cubicle neighbor scooted over: “Great looking salad!” he said. And I had to agree. Spinach, apples, pine nuts, celery and grapes…perfect!!

“Sometimes I hate that I quit,” he noted before scooting back to his tortilla-wrapped questionable lunch choice. I had to laugh…we had both signed up for this service over the summer that delivered a bag of locally grown produce every Friday. I loved it. He constantly bemoaned the never-ending job of using everything in the overflowing bag before the next one was delivered…especially when it was something odd-like beets or parsnips.

I have to admit, it was a challenge to keep up and use it all-even for a girl like me who is kind of relentless about good nutrition. “You know,” I said, “It was kind of a lot of pressure…but I actually love knowing who grew it, and picked it and delivered such great stuff! It kind of motivates me to eat local and organic!” I laughed, knowing I was sounding like an infomercial.

“Yeah,” he said, looking down at his half eaten burrito. “Certainly not like a drive-thru!” It was the second time a drive-thru was referenced to me today, the first being with my boss. I started thinking about the earlier conversation I had with him.

We had been talking about one of our customers, and the importance of personal relationships. Really, how we, as ECM educators in Hyland Software’s Global Services are driven by a commitment to partnership.

“ECM is not like a drive-thru. Our customers may start out knowing exactly what to order, solutions for their AP processes or a case management solution, maybe, but it’s what happens next, after that initial implementation, that makes the big difference,” he said.

So what happens next?

After the initial implementation, when we walk out the door, we cultivate a true partnership with you and our community of experts. And this relationship is what helps ECM make huge beneficial impacts to your organization. We want to empower you, to build your knowledge and confidence, and that means sharing what we know.

We deliberately make it easy for you to stay engaged with your OnBase community and the massive network of people, services and industry-leading educational resources.

Quite honestly, the way we do this is something I’ve not seen in any other software company. No organization I’ve worked for has even come close to the breadth of free resources available to you as a Hyland customer and partner.

We don’t guard any material from you. We easily could…there are companies out there who rely on that to make some money on services. But that’s not our philosophy. The same reference guides we use as your instructor or tech support rep, are the same exact reference guides you are going to have at your fingertips when you need them.

Our collaboration site, the OnBase Community , is also available 24/7. On Community, you have access to reference guides, user groups, and software. You can post questions and get answers from the simple to the complex. Your peers-customers in all industries as well as our employees and partners-monitor the site and contribute to answers.

They don’t have to, but they do, and it builds relationships.

One of my favorite recent Community relationship stories happened at a customer dinner in Grand Rapids, MI. Several of our customers attended, and two were sitting side by side. When one introduced himself to the other she immediately said “I have to give you a hug. You solved one of my biggest problems!” On Community. She’d never met him before, but he responded to her post, and his experience with the same technology had helped her overcome a big hurdle.

We love this about the OnBase community of minds. It’s one giant brain trust that benefits us all.

It all starts with people and building that relationship. It takes some time to cultivate, and it is a little more involved than ordering at a drive-thru. But it yields some pretty remarkable results. It gives you confidence in your capabilities, in your ability to extend your solution and your trust in us as your partner.

This is what motivates us. This is what fuels long-term success.

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and currently serves as a manager in Enterprise Advising Services. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with thousands of individuals around the world, using every engagement as an opportunity to learn more about how Hyland solutions are helping our customers and partners. She enjoys connecting members of the Hyland community with others who share similar goals, industries and/or business problems to empower them to collaborate in creating successful partnerships and solutions. When she isn’t talking about Hyland she can be found cycling, traveling or taking long hikes with her husband, daughter and yellow Lab.
Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and currently serves as a manager in Enterprise Advising Services. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with... read more about: Carissa Nettle