Should I become a Hyland partner?

Hyland can partner with you to expand your business.

Do you need products and solutions that allow for more business growth than your current offerings?

If you’re looking for a partner with products that can help you expand your business in addition to maintaining your existing market share, Hyland is a great fit. We offer industry-leading solutions for managing and improving business processes by making your customers’ content ecosystem more user-friendly, connected and compatible with modern-day business.

But don’t take it from us, we think two of our partners said it best:

“The solutions we have the most success selling range across the entire spectrum of the Hyland portfolio. The impact it has on our business is huge,” said Patrick van Vulpen, business development manager, Docspro B.V. “I think we have grown, since 2008, over 50 percent in staff and revenue, implementing the Hyland approach and portfolio.”

“Our partnership with Hyland has provided us access to different customer segments that we previously weren’t part of,” said managing director Mark Grimes from Blumark, one of Australia’s leading case management and process improvement specialists. “Our company works with small businesses, but we also work with large banks and corporates, and [this partnership] gives us the ability to have technology that is very accessible to many segments of our customers.”

Do you value a partner that is committed to innovation?

At Hyland, we take pride in listening to your current and prospective customers’ needs and innovating around a shared vision to support those needs. Each year, we invest 15 percent of our revenue in research and development to build technology that helps our customers and partners succeed. This translates into new features, technologies, capabilities and solutions that allow your customers to focus on more demanding priorities and initiatives.

This combination of listening and innovation has set Hyland apart from other partners for Mike Sole, director of content services at LMBC Technology Solutions. “Hyland listens to how I want to engage my customers,” said Sole. “They come up with innovative solutions to complement our thoughts, plans and strategies, and our customer needs. Hyland develops approaches that align perfectly with what we want to offer our customers.”

What’s the biggest sign of customer success? Getting clients promoted. Read more about what partnership means to Hyland Chief Commercial Officer Ed McQuiston in 4 tips for up-and-coming tech leaders. >>

Do you need cloud-ready integrations and a cloud-certified environment?

We’ve been operating in the Hyland Cloud for more than 15 years. The Hyland Cloud leverages a sophisticated multi-cloud architecture that seamlessly fits into existing technology ecosystems and gives your customers the flexibility and agility to manage their content without sacrificing control or security. Our rigorous security controls and governance oversight can help you and your customers meet compliance objectives, such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2 and more.

Are industry recognitions and awards important to you?

For more than 30 years, Hyland has been applying a leading content services platform to our customer’s toughest problems, and the top industry analysts have taken notice. Year after year, Hyland is recognized not only for our product strengths, but also our satisfied customer base, innovation and vision.

Recent recognitions include:

Is it important that a partner is easy to work and collaborate with? What level of support do you need?

Both family and partnership are part of our core values, and that’s why working with Hyland is like working with family (the relatives you like). Our people-focused culture has earned Hyland annual recognitions on multiple “Best Workplaces” lists, so you’ll work with people who are passionate about what they do and deliver quality customer service and support. As a Hyland partner you’ll experience the benefits and support of:

  • A dedicated account liaison to help your team develop your capabilities and expertise
  • An expert marketing program and support to help you expand into new markets and reach the right audiences with co-branding and various marketing programs and support
  • Sales enablement training to develop best-in-class selling skills through Hyland’s Partner Sales Academy
  • A development environment where you can professionally test the capabilities of the Hyland platform and see how it works
  • 24-hour support from Hyland’s technical support analysts
  • On-demand information through the Hyland Community web portal where you’ll find the latest product, solution and industry content for your sellers, marketers and technical staff

“The best thing [about Hyland] is definitely the people and the culture. The technical support is outstanding,” said Roy Godwin, executive manager of ECM360Limited, who has been a Hyland partner since 2012. “We can call on anyone in the world to help us get the information we need [for a sale] and that’s something we haven’t seen before. It’s just been a great experience and not one we’ve had with any other supplier we’ve dealt with in the past.”

Do you fit within one of our six types of partnerships?

To support the diverse needs of our global customers and to offer one of the best content services solutions in the world, Hyland builds strategic partnerships. Our selective partnership program includes organizations that are leaders in their industries.

Types of Hyland partners:

  1. Value-added resellers (VARs)
  2. Strategic alliance partners
  3. Business process outsourcing companies (BPOs)
  4. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  5. Technology partners
  6. Systems integrator partner

Do you have more questions about what it’s like to be a Hyland partner?

Download the Hyland Global Partner Program Guide.

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Chelsea Dunshee is Hyland’s partner development manager and works to evaluate partnership inquires and streamline the best organizational fit. She is responsible for facilitating a partner's onboarding process and for advising on technical and sales training paths for optimum success.
Chelsea Dunshee
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Chelsea Dunshee

Chelsea Dunshee is Hyland’s partner development manager and works to evaluate partnership inquires and streamline the best organizational fit. She is responsible for facilitating a partner’s onboarding process and for... read more about: Chelsea Dunshee