Reporting Dashboards: A Fitbit for OnBase 18?

Whether you have a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch, the overwhelming popularity of these connected fitness devices means one thing — we LOVE data. These trackers do everything from log how many steps you take to how many floors you climb and even how well you slept last night.

Of course, it’s one thing to simply accumulate all of this data. It’s another to do something with it.

These trackers come with companion apps that take collected data and visually display it in a way that makes it easy to understand and analyze. Once you’re able to see patterns in the data, you can take action to discourage unhealthy habits and encourage healthy ones.

This idea of “the quantified self” has led to a technology-focused fitness revolution; but in the end, it all comes back to a familiar adage: You cannot improve what you do not measure.

This is as true about OnBase as it is about your health.

Insights into business data

Just purchasing a Fitbit won’t make you healthy, but it does track some important metrics you should keep an eye on to become a healthier person. If you don’t hit your step goal on a given day, you might think about parking further away from the grocery store or taking the stairs instead of the elevator at the office. Because you have a benchmark and an easy way to track your headway toward it, you can constantly monitor your progress and change your actions accordingly.

Likewise, the OnBase Reporting Dashboards module not only gathers data on business processes and the content within them — it can also take that data and display it using pie charts, bar charts, gauges, maps and more. Users viewing the dashboard can then drill deeper into the data with a single click, and even retrieve related content and interact with those same processes without ever leaving the dashboard.

With all of the relevant data and content accessible from a single view, users have everything they need to make quality business decisions.

Insights into process data

The Fitbit app also includes functionality to help you log and track your workouts. You can keep tabs on the pace you jogged yesterday, so you can try to meet or exceed it today. It will even include a handy map to show you the route you took using the GPS signal built into your phone. It will automatically calculate averages for you, and show you trends to make sure you are keeping up on your training for that 5K in a few weeks.

Similarly, Reporting Dashboards collects data and helps you analyze the efficiency of your business processes against benchmarks, industry standards and Service Level Agreements. Are documents stuck in a particular step for too long? Is one department or user getting overwhelmed with work and falling behind? How long does it take for a document to move completely through the process, on average?

This level of visibility into the process allows for continuous improvement, ensuring that your organization is always becoming leaner, faster and more productive.

Insights into case management data

As fitness trackers boomed in popularity, users began clamoring for more than just step tracking. Fitbit then added sleep analysis to their trackers and app, giving users new insights into a part of their lives that was previously in the dark. Sleep quality heavily influences your overall level of health and fitness, so the better you sleep, the better you feel. Adding sleep data allowed users to see their current level of sleep quality and make adjustments like going to bed earlier or lowering the temperature in their bedroom to gain additional shuteye (and subsequently get more steps in the next day).

Likewise, new in OnBase 18, administrators can utilize a point-and-click wizard to create new sources of data that collect information from their case management applications, giving them deeper insight into an entirely different facet of their OnBase solution. You can now use the same vast array of customizable visual elements, interactive features and more to analyze case assignments, task completion and a whole host of other types of important metrics.

This brings the same level of visibility previously available only to business processes like case management solutions, and you don’t need to write costly, time-consuming SQL queries.

Measure OnBase with Reporting Dashboards

Just as there is no perfect fitness regime, there is no perfect process. There is always room for improvement, and with the right tools, you can find ways to take action.

Sift through the data, gain valuable insights and make better decisions with Reporting Dashboards. That’s how you improve your organizational health.

Betty Dunagan has been a professional in the Health Information Management arena for more than 38 years. She has worked in acute healthcare settings managing operations, as an independent consultant, and also in the corporate arena as an IT leader for a large integrated delivery system. Betty works for Hyland as a Customer Advisor, where she assists clients with operational process improvement.
Betty Dunagan

Betty Dunagan

Betty Dunagan has been a professional in the Health Information Management arena for more than 38 years. She has worked in acute healthcare settings managing operations, as an independent consultant,... read more about: Betty Dunagan