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I had a realization while preparing a training presentation a few weeks ago, and it connects every student I’ve spoken with over the last 20 years in a class or at a conference. It is something that no one is saying about their job: “I don’t have enough to do.”

It doesn’t matter if a student’s role is an administrator for OnBase enterprise content management (ECM), they’re a business analyst designing workflows or they’re an IT professional tasked with enterprise system performance and database health. It seems that every training attendee in every industry has too much to do and a lot of ideas about how to improve processes, but not enough hours in the day to accomplish it all.

One of the greatest privileges I have as a technology educator is to be in an optimal position to get up close and personal with our students’ points of view and see where their struggles lie. It’s fascinating to hear how different the daily experience is for two people with the “same” role. A system administrator who also staffs the help desk in a government agency has a vastly different daily experience than someone who does the same job in a higher education organization.

The reasons folks come to training are also vastly varied. But by getting up close and personal, we do see a lot of trends. Industry shifts, economic catalysts and market-driven regulatory changes to name a few. Understanding the unique and shared challenges our customers face helps guide and shape our curriculum and our methodology. Much of the content of our courses, the way we deliver targeted training on key concepts and even some of our certification program offerings were born out of these very informal conversations that speak volumes.

What’s become abundantly clear over the years is that many of our training attendees are wearing so many hats that even though they know they have both the technology and the smarts to make a difference, finding the time to learn the best way to actually craft new OnBase solutions is difficult.

So how do we help our customers succeed? What have we learned by being cognizant of our customers’ point of view? Here are the four most significant things:

1. It takes a village.

Even though you have the brightest minds at the helm, if they don’t know what the business problems are across the organization, they can’t solve them.

So we’ve created a way for everyone in your organization to support your efforts and learn OnBase with Premium Subscription. It is designed to streamline your ability to create impactful solutions and empower everyone in your organization through specific, role-based training for everyone from IT to end user. With one yearly subscription fee, Premium is available to everyone in your organization.

2. Timing is everything.

Many times, people don’t need to know everything. They need to know one specific, granular thing. And knowing it will change their world. Proven to impart role and industry-specific expertise at a pace that is unprecedented, Premium Subscription – as well as our Quick Look series – accommodates your real-world training needs and time constraints. Segmented, specific and the best knowledge passed to your team from ours.

3. Find your Sherpa.

Sometimes you don’t even know where to start. Which is why we provide customized training plans for our customers that are specific to their exact job description.

It’s free! All you have to do is ask us at [email protected] Training plans combine offerings from our Certification Program, our Premium Subscription courses and other web-based training offerings.

4. There’s power in community.

It’s a tremendous help to be able to get together and share ideas. That’s why we conduct our TechQuest conference three times per year. It gives you the opportunity to learn and share ideas and experiences with your peers, our OnBase developers and us, your trusted advisors and educators.

The ironic, but fascinating truth is that once you get started with OnBase to optimize one business area, the metrics often open the eyes of decision makers and release the floodgates of possibility for other areas. Thus you may have reduced the manual labor and time required to get business done, but… you’ve also increased the need to spend time learning how to use this technology and methodology to optimize other areas.

It’s ok. We get it, and we are here to help you succeed.

Matt Discenzo, Director of Global Education Services, has been with Hyland Software for many years and leads the team of exceptional professionals who develop and deliver Hyland training throughout the world. Through his experience with customers and partners, he brings a fresh perspective and keen understanding of how to leverage Hyland solutions to achieve business results. Often serving as the MC for evening events, Matt can be found in front of a class session or at the Hyland Training booth. He just finished watching Breaking Bad, and doesn’t understand why we have to wait so long for the next installment of Stranger Things. Matt can’t wait to answer any and all questions you have about OnBase Hyland training.
Matt Discenzo
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Matt Discenzo

Matt Discenzo, Director of Global Education Services, has been with Hyland Software for many years and leads the team of exceptional professionals who develop and deliver Hyland training throughout the... read more about: Matt Discenzo