Premium Subscription: anywhere (like a coffee shop)

onbaseblog_premium_coffee_shopLast week I was working from a coffee shop in my neighborhood when I heard, “Sarah!”

Looking up, I was surprised to see Rick Kirk, our director of operations, along with CFO Chris Hyland.

Of all the lunch spots, in all of the neighborhoods, I run into my boss’s boss’s boss in this little local shop off the corporate path. Delighted, we had a brief exchange: “You know this place? Don’t you love it?” “I do! What brings you here?”

It turns out they were on the way back from a meeting at one of our partnerships in downtown Cleveland, the Global Center for Health Innovation. And me? “I’m actually working on Premium Subscription,” I told them.

As they continued on with their lunch and I went back to reviewing my notes about Premium—Hyland’s online, on-demand, industry-leading training offering—I started thinking about how fantastic it was that my CFO thought I was taking a Premium Course right there in the coffee shop on my lunch hour, (which I’ve done before, even though that day I was really working on things like web copy about Premium!). His reaction was energized, and he was curious to know if I had learned something interesting.

And I realized that’s really the key. How learning something significant elevates your frame of technical reference and your enthusiasm—and your project—to another level. With Premium, that elevated understanding takes just an hour or two. That’s what makes Premium Subscription so compelling.

This online, on-demand, targeted training offering has expert guidance on everything OnBase, from database performance and Advanced Capture to end-user training. There are more than 250 classes that are taught, online, by the same ECM experts who train onsite and at conferences, or who actually work in the field implementing these solutions.

Not only do our customers and partners use Premium, but our own employees do, too. And the best part is the courses are designed with real-world considerations in mind. We understand that we ourselves never seem to have enough time in the day. So crafting succinct, targeted, accurate courses is absolutely vital to keep up with the speed of business.

Our customers share similar feelings. They share stories of going from knowing virtually nothing about a specific part of OnBase, to having a full blown working solution in a matter of days, just by training with Premium in the time they had—whether it was from an airport lobby, or at their desk at lunch, or in their living room after the kids were in bed.

DJ Elford, of PriorityHealth recently told me, “I was able to write reports probably within the second or third week in my new position, just by utilizing the Premium courses along with the reference guide.”

That is significant.

And very much by design. Across all areas of the company our corporate culture fosters making the brain trust of OnBase experts available to anyone who needs them. Our employees, our customers and our partners. Premium Subscription makes that possible for users from all over the world, on-demand 24/7/365.

And this mantra of getting the right information to the right people at the right time starts from the top down. Which is why I wasn’t surprised that a C-level was psyched to think of an employee training with Premium Subscription on her lunch hour.

I think he’ll be happy to hear that DJ also said, “I deal with a lot of vendors, and have to say that you all do a wonderful job providing information for your customers. I’m not saying this because I have to…I’m saying it because it’s true.”

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Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner

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