OnBase upgrades No. 6: On-premises or Hyland Cloud solutions: Does your software upgrade plan make sense?

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In this series we’ve explored the benefits of upgrading software and how keeping your Hyland solutions up-to-date is business critical — for reasons including security, functionality, performance and ease of maintaining your IT portfolio.

At the heart of it all, we technical professionals here at Hyland know how much research, development and customer-driven enhancements (thousands!) go into each release. To us, the question isn’t “Should you or shouldn’t you upgrade?” but rather “Why would you not want to upgrade?” It’s about the opportunity to continually take advantage of all of the improved capabilities of the software you already have in place.

We also understand reality.

It’s easier said than done to undertake an upgrade with every release. Since every customer has a unique implementation and a varying range of expert resources in-house and available for upgrades, it’s not always a simple process. This is why we’ve explored various options available to you that enable our Global Services team members to meet you where you are in your upgrade path, and help.

Our range of options means that we can provide the right resources and experts for your exact needs, and get your premises-based Hyland solution upgrades successfully over the finish line.

But what if your solutions are in the Hyland Cloud?

Are upgrades still a critical routine when hosting in the cloud?

The answer is yes. And the software upgrade process couldn’t be easier for your teams, because our Global Cloud Services take the lead on this for you, at no additional cost.

You just have to ask.

For more than 15 years we have enabled customers to host their Hyland solutions in our privately managed Hyland Cloud, custom-designed to handle your mission-critical data and proprietary and sensitive documents through the entire information lifecycle.

With any level of Hyland Cloud Service Class, upgrades are included as part of this managed service. But you have to request them; we do not force upgrades.

What should you expect from an upgrade with Global Cloud Services? 

When you request an upgrade, our Global Cloud Services team responds to the requests within two business days. They will outline the upgrade process which provides end-to-end support for the upgrade, including:

  1. Coordinating the upgrade schedule
  2. For customers with user testing (UT) requirements, starting with a UT upgrade if desired
  3. Helping to select either parallel upgrade or an in-place upgrade
  4. Upgrading and installing the software suite, which includes building any needed servers and making configuration changes related to newly deployed resources located within the Hyland Cloud
  5. Updating third-party software residing in the Hyland Cloud as it pertains to OnBase functionality (e.g., Autonomy IDOL Server, Adobe Reader, Nuance OCR Engine)
  6. Tracking all changes and implementing the production build based off the UT environment

It is a managed service, but we consider it a committed partnership

When I referred to our perspective as Hyland professionals earlier in this post, I led with the phrase “at the heart of it all.” This was intentional, because I believe I speak for all Hylanders when I say that we are dedicated to our jobs because we truly want the best for our customers.

We have your best interests at heart and are constantly improving our software, services and processes to make your solutions work better for your organization and the people you serve. Here are some things you can expect from a Global Cloud Services upgrade:

  • Dedicated support from Global Cloud Services. Upgrades in the Hyland Cloud are led by experts, guaranteeing proper planning and execution. You also have dedicated support from more than 100 seasoned and certified cloud professionals who work exclusively to provide oversight on governance, risk, compliance, security, network and infrastructure, operations, database services, data services and more.
  • Enhanced security and performance. Upgrades in the cloud are done in a secure, reliable and up-to-date environment with storage in reliable and accredited data center. Hyland Cloud customers experience an uptime of 99 percent historically, thanks to aggressive backup protocol and ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing managed by the SOC 2 and 3-audited and Cloud Security Alliance-registered GCS team.

Reduced in-house resources required for routine upgrades? Consider it freedom for your teams to expand the capabilities of your solutions

For more than 25 years, our driving force has been to empower our customers to continually improve work processes by making information that exists in your organization work better for you. This includes helping to remove barriers you might face from time to time as your solution evolves. We’ve found that customers whose enterprise software upgrade strategy includes routinely upgrading their Hyland solutions become increasingly competent and confident in maintaining, optimizing and expanding their solutions to better serve their customers. If the upgrade itself is a barrier, we’re here to help.

We’ve also found that many customers who engage Hyland Global Services for upgrade assistance are able to free significant internal resources to dedicate to solution optimization.

This means that they have more time, and in the case of cloud solutions, reduced IT costs for infrastructure maintenance. With increased in-house resource availability and budget allocation, there are more opportunities for enterprise planning and continual improvement of their content management services—including enhanced workflows, contract management solutions, strategic integrations, advanced capture and mobile case management solutions.

As we wrap up our series on upgrades, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to participation in this series.  We offer our teams to you for any level of upgrade support you require going forward.

Christine Lugg is Hyland’s Healthcare Industry Manager for the Asia-Pacific region.
Christine Lugg

Christine Lugg

Christine Lugg is Hyland’s Healthcare Industry Manager for the Asia-Pacific region.

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