OnBase upgrades No. 5: On-demand services; the expertise you need, when you need it

The reality is, Hyland solutions come in all shapes and sizes; it’s one of the things that makes life interesting for us Hylanders who have spent years implementing and upgrading our customers’ solutions. Because we developed these solutions to fit into specific work processes, automating routine tasks and integrating with other systems—even custom-coded, home-grown solutions—the potential for customers to truly have a solution tailored for their exact needs is high. And that is the norm.

But as business processes evolve, security requirements change and technology advances—both in Hyland technology and the underlying infrastructure and operating systems—all customers face the challenge of having to adapt their solutions, including upgrading to the latest version.

Even our most technically capable customers can approach this task with trepidation.

Make regular upgrades part of your overall IT routine

I’m here to tell you it is worth it to upgrade your Hyland solutions on a regular schedule. Included in every release are the most current security features and vulnerability fixes, thousands of enhancements, new solution options and software corrections, the latest platform technologies and tested compatibility with latest third-party products and platforms (OS, Database, Citrix and so on).

In short, upgrading also means you can do more with the software you already have in place. When you upgrade on a regular basis, the upgrade, quite frankly, is just easier to take on. And we can help you get started.

Upgrade with a little help from your friends

Those of us in Global Services are here to help you in any way you require, because we know that just as all solutions are different, so are the teams supporting your solutions. Some customers are largely self-sufficient—administering, growing and optimizing their solutions without the need to engage help from outside sources. Others may be new to a Hyland solution, are still growing their teams or have other technology projects requiring available in-house resources.

Earlier in this series, we introduced you to the range of options available through Global Services that keep upgrade projects moving forward. Over the years, we’ve learned that many customers simply want general guidance leading up to, and potentially through, the production upgrade.

We’ve made this easy for you to obtain, either by engaging our experts through a single upgrade consulting service engagement, or through our on-demand services. For either kind of engagement, you own the upgrade project as a whole, with Hyland experts assisting and providing guidance for areas you determine.

What are on-demand services?

Think of on-demand services as an extension of your software administration team at Hyland. Where technical support ends (software issues, defects, etc.), on-demand services begins. It’s a subscription-based service, which means you have perpetual access to the experts you need, when you need them, without the need to draw up a proposal with your account manager.

How do on-demand services help beyond the upgrade?

Using this service for your next upgrade is a great way to try out the on-demand offering, but we support many other efforts. We support any range of work your system administrator, help desk or IT team needs—from routine maintenance to solution configuration or complex project work.

Tune in next week to find out the top 10 ways that on-demand services help with your upgrade.

You can also join us for a webinar to learn how Hyland’s on-demand services can be your helpline with the ongoing work your teams conduct as they maintain and expand your Hyland solutions.

Tori Brenneison is an art historian-turned-software developer who started at Hyland in February 2016, working on the OnBase Integration for Guidewire and serving as an instructor with Hyland Technical Outreach. Tori is passionate about diversity in tech, accessible computer science education, and midcentury glassware.
Tori Brenneison

Tori Brenneison

Tori Brenneison is an art historian-turned-software developer who started at Hyland in February 2016, working on the OnBase Integration for Guidewire and serving as an instructor with Hyland Technical Outreach.... read more about: Tori Brenneison