OnBase upgrades No. 3: How to upgrade successfully with staff augmentation

Welcome back to the third installment of the OnBase upgrade series. Last week, we talked about why keeping your technology current is business-critical. This week, we look at how you can utilize staff augmentation to achieve that goal.

But first, do any of these statements hit close to home when you think about upgrading to OnBase 18?

  • We have the knowledge, but not the time to implement an upgrade
  • We have a laundry list of projects we want to do in addition to an upgrade
  • We don’t have enough staff to handle an upgrade on top of everything else we have to do

If so, then the staff augmentation services offered by Hyland Global Services may be the right upgrade path for your organization. While we’ve evolved to offer many more solutions than OnBase, the platform remains critical for tens of thousands of organizations to manage content, processes, and cases. That’s why it’s so important that it remains current.

What is staff augmentation?

Think of it as having an additional team member who can add value to your organization from day one.

Staff augmentation services temporarily reinforces the power of your in-house team with a dedicated OnBase expert from Hyland who can assist, perform, and manage your upgrade effort. Like any other team member, you’ll have full control over his or her hours, tasks, and priorities.

How does staff augmentation help with an upgrade?

Staff augmentation ensures you have sufficient people and knowledge to complete a critical upgrade successfully. In fact, by requesting this service before your upgrade commences, you can ensure all planning, integration points, new or enhanced features, and other processes are in place for the most streamlined upgrade experience.

Often, our customers use staff augmentation for niche areas that fall outside of their team’s expertise, but it’s also a great strategy when faced with a tight deadline or resource crunch.

What are the benefits of upgrading with staff augmentation?

First off, you’ll get results—fast.

The Hyland professional who joins your team will be the best person to support your environment and your upgrade, and is ready to be productive without any additional training. This means you can put the right people on the right tasks to help the team run more effectively. Having an OnBase expert supporting the upgrade also reduces business risk and promotes a steady state in your organization.

You’ll also gain strategic insight from the knowledge-sharing component to this service: by working side-by-side with Hyland experts, you and your team will learn new ways to maximize your OnBase investment. All our Global Services professionals have more than 400 hours of training and education, and can tap into Hyland’s entire network for additional support.

These professionals will share best practices, training tips, and shortcuts with your team, providing the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the entire upgrade process. This way, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to perform a DIY upgrade in the future.

Need some help with your upgrade, but not a service as extensive as staff augmentation? Then you’ll want to make sure to read the next blog post in the series: How to upgrade successfully with on-demand services.

Peter Weston is manager of Hyland Healthcare Sales in the Asia Pacific region. He has a Masters in Public Health.

Peter Weston

Peter Weston is manager of Hyland Healthcare Sales in the Asia Pacific region. He has a Masters in Public Health.

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