It’s one thing to have a plan, and another thing to deliver value

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In my last blog post, we looked at the theme of “evolving,” and I offered some ideas for how to persistently deliver value by changing our approach to staff, training, updates and upgrades – even asking how we systematically revisit our previously deployed solutions in an environment of change. That post, and the one before on alignment, considered the potential from re-thinking our methodology for planning with some different ideas about the concept of “alignment” and our approach to training and professional development.

It could be that re-thinking our approach can create a combination of input, expertise and persistent attention that will deliver results for your organization.

If you have undertaken planning, spent time with teams across your organization and collected ideas for a plan, you have likely raised expectations that your projects will not only happen, but that they will improve the solutions your end users need. If you put in place better ways to align input and have begun to evolve your approach, you can ensure better planning.

But in the end, you will be judged on the success of the plan. In other words, did you deliver?business strategy

Get strategic

During our strategic workshops, we often look for ways to ensure that organizations and staff can take an investment in content services and ensure that it continues to deliver value as business conditions, responsibilities and challenges change or emerge.

Here are some items we recommend to an organization that wants to take its plan over the finish line:

  • Align with your end users, not the software

Use an expanded view of alignment by starting with end users and their challenges, and drive the conversation without discussing software as a better way to build impactful solutions. Keep the focus on end users and how they can better accomplish tasks, then build what they need.

  • Help your IT staff evolve by evolving your strategy for development and training

With each new release of your content services platform, your IT staff has to evaluate the changes and make a plan to update existing solutions and leverage new features. By evolving your approach to training and professional development, you can help ensure that staff can execute on end user needs using training that helps them deliver solutions and improvements faster.

Also, consistent training means less to digest when new releases are available, which everyone appreciates.

  • Build a foundation that delivers value

Like end user input and consistent training, a solid foundation is essential to deliver value from your tech investments. It’s no surprise that our most common strategic workshop recommendations include organizational efforts that support and amplify the impact of IT.

These efforts include governance, support for training, change management activities and visible executive sponsorship of content services as an essential technology for the organization – a true foundation. These activities inform and lead staff as organizations pursue digital transformation or respond to changing business transformation

Deliver value

Delivering value from a plan requires leadership and tasks that encompass at least the three points I mention above. Aligning with end users means re-considering traditional discovery and supporting activity that creates an awareness of the potential of your tech investments and uncovers true challenges that hold back productivity.

Evolving your development and training approach requires consistent training opportunities for IT and end users, as well as staffing levels that mirror the importance of your technology investments. While each of these can drive success, the value potential of your investment is increased with a solid foundation of governance, leadership support and persistent commitment to the transformative aspects of content services.

Put these in place and you not only have a plan, you have a plan that delivers.

Terri Jones is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, in her 10-plus years in both state and local government, she’s managed IT departments, implemented ECM strategies and written legislation and program policies. As an enterprise advisor, she uses her background in IT deployment, change management and strategic planning to lead workshops that help Hyland customers get the most from their solution investments.
Terri Jones

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, in her 10-plus years in both state and local government, she’s managed IT departments, implemented... read more about: Terri Jones