In our shared DRIVE to success, the “V” is for virtually focused

Welcome back to the DRIVE to success series, where we’re taking a look at how our Global Service’s project methodology delivers results for our customers. Today, we’re focusing on the letter V, which stands for virtually focused.

Over the past year or so, “virtual” has become synonymous with “remote” and “virtual meetings.” But when I think about Hyland, and our passion to help our customers best serve their customers, it means something more fundamental and profound. Many things change over time, but the foundational importance of honoring commitments has not.

As we’ve mentioned before in this series, one of Hyland’s core values is our customers are our partners.

We succeed when, and only when, our customers succeed. In every relationship and engagement, we relentlessly pursue shared success through diligence, collaboration, and teamwork. We honor our commitments, overcome hurdles, and reject failure as an option.

So last year, when the business world went virtual, we had to pivot to keep our partnerships successful.

Partnering in a virtual world

A great example of our successful adjustment is how our Global Services professionals provided customer training for one of our enterprise imaging connectivity solutions. The solution includes a medical device reporting (MDR) tool that carries a Food and Drug Administration training requirement for installers, so we’ve always done these implementations on-site.

Due to COVID-19, we certainly could not do that. So, we set up a process where we train customers, guide them through set up and configuration, and then provide go-live assistance — all remotely. Over the past year, we’ve completed this process without a single issue.

More importantly, we were able to take 150 MDR tools live, helping healthcare organizations to continue providing care during a critical time.

Supporting a virtual world

That said, the virtual aspect of our services delivery that resonates most with me is that while you have a project team, a project sponsor, and people engaging directly and visibly, what you don’t see is the virtual team supporting them.  At Hyland, we have nearly 500 services professionals who take our commitments to our customers personally and stand ready to assist in ways big and small as needed.

So yes, we adapted in response to the pandemic, but our focus in doing so was keeping our team members and customers safe, while delivering on our commitments. In addition to delivering projects under contract, we also expanded our abilities to assist our customers any way we could in their responses to the pandemic.

After all, about a year ago, you could clearly see the interconnectedness of business. We all needed to work together to keep the lights on and keep things going.

Moving forward, we will preserve the elements of remote delivery that benefited our customers. “Necessity is the mother of invention” was perhaps never more true. We have identified better, more efficient, more satisfying ways of serving our customers through the necessity of responding to the pandemic.

Absolutely we will begin traveling again and absolutely we value face-to-face interactions. But we will also hold onto those gains we made in our methodology and continue to work with our customers to evolve our practice. Because being the best possible partner to our customers is in our DNA.

John Rice is the vice president of Hyland Global Services.
John Rice

John Rice

John Rice is the vice president of Hyland Global Services.

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