In our shared DRIVE to success, the R is for results oriented

Welcome back to the DRIVE to success series, where we’re taking a look at how our Global Services’ project methodology delivers results for our customers. Today, we’re focusing on the letter R, which stands for results oriented.

At Hyland, we are focused on delivering results to our customers. We are always striving for improvement and evolving our methodology in order to continuously deliver successful solutions.

Here are just a few ways how we ensure ongoing success:

  • We hold ‘After-Action Reviews’ with the Hyland project team to quickly learn from the project; we discuss what went well, what needs improvement and how we and our customers can do even better the next time around
  • We also utilize customer surveys to get real-time feedback on a regular basis; focusing on quality checkpoints is another way we assure successful outcomes
  • In many cases, Hyland assigns a Customer Success Advisor at the start of a services project; working with industry experts helps ensure our customers gain long-term competitive advantages by leveraging the breadth and depth of their technology investments

Getting it done — together

Hyland Global Services has been around since 1996, and we’ve worked with thousands of customers around the world. Because we view our partners as customers, we’ve had incredible opportunities to learn as we go.

After all, as I mentioned earlier, part of our results-oriented approach is to learn from our customers how we can further improve our methods, standards and collaboration. It’s a virtuous circle: Results are our proof, and that proof further fuels our dedicated services teams.

For example, working with SAIF, a not-for-profit company that provides worker’s comp insurance in Oregon, we were able to build a partnership built on shared goals and outcomes. Here are just a few challenges we overcame together:

  • Converting 42 million documents to OnBase from a 15-year-old system
  • Large-scale optimization of complex taxonomy
  • Remote team collaboration
  • Successful change management for a highly tenured, 500-person workforce

“One of the fundamental things I believe we did was to reset our client-vendor relationship to truly be a partnership,” said Ken Collins, chief information officer at SAIF. “It’s crucial to be able to have frank conversations with our partners, to communicate effectively and honestly.”

Stay tuned for our next post on our intentional approach to guiding customers to success, where we address the “I” in our DRIVE methodology. Spoiler alert: It stands for Intentional.

Katrice Jordan is a manager for Hyland's Global Services.
Katrice Jordan
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Katrice Jordan

Katrice Jordan is a manager for Hyland’s Global Services.

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