In our shared DRIVE to success, the “I” is for intentional

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Welcome back to the DRIVE to success series, where we’re taking a look at how our Global Services’ project methodology delivers results for our customers. Today, we’re focusing on the letter I, which stands for intentional.

Our intention is for every customer to succeed. But we recognize that you never achieve success in a vacuum. That’s why our methodology in each services engagement focuses on building a partnership.

Of course, that sounds great, but what does it really mean? And how do we do it?

Intentions are good, results are better

It all starts with our core values. With every Global Services engagement, we embody Hyland’s core value that our customers are our partners.

Our teams begin by understanding our customers’ operations, unique environments, requirements, project paths, and goals for implementations. Then we set up an intentional plan to achieve success.

We also seek to understand each customer’s current state and pain points, so we can define and deliver a future state that will optimize their business processes. That’s important. Because the investments you make in technology need to deliver results both in the near term and into the future.

Here’s how we ensure that happens:

  • We conduct discovery sessions with numerous subject matter experts to walk through your business processes and requirements
  • We document our discovery process, so you have transparency into what we hear and understand about your business needs and project goals
  • We conduct checkpoints during implementation to allow you to get a feel for where we are headed, as well as provide valuable feedback
  • We train end users and administrators to facilitate becoming owners of their solutions
  • We work with you during an extended testing process to make sure the delivered solution meets your needs at all stages of the business process — not just the ideal process, but also business exceptions

Intentionally achieving success

This past year, we witnessed changing environments, changing requirements, changing goals, and changing definitions of customer success. Throughout it all, our intention has remained the same — to understand our customers and help them succeed.

When the world of business went remote, I saw Hyland Global Services’ project teams quickly pivot to accommodate our customers’ changing needs. Without the ability to travel, we shifted in-person discovery sessions to remote sessions from employee and customer homes.

Without on-site access, we sought to connect and create partnerships with our customers via Zoom and online collaboration whiteboards. We rushed to become remote meeting experts. We leveraged breakout rooms in lieu of conference rooms, voting buttons versus raised hands in a room, and mute buttons to block the interruptions of pet and child “co-workers.”

We’ve developed into an integrated partnership, aiding us to execute vision.

– John Marcinko, program manager, HEPACO

To be successful, we all had to be flexible, so we adjusted project schedules to work around the new remote school schedules. We gave people shorter training sessions across more days, to avoid any videoconferencing burnout. When access, internet, and VPN issues arose, we worked with our customers to reschedule. In a few instances, we even paused projects.

Even though we were collaborating remotely, we were still able to establish meaningful partnerships during uncertain times — all focused on the intention of achieving customer success. And for me, that’s the best intention of all.

Stay tuned for our next post on our intentional approach to guiding customers to success, where we address the “V” in our DRIVE methodology. Spoiler alert: It stands for virtually focused.

Maggie Male is a solution standards consultant at Hyland.
Maggie Male

Maggie Male

Maggie Male is a solution standards consultant at Hyland.

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