In our shared DRIVE to success, the “E” is for established

remote workforce

Throughout this series we’ve referenced some of Hyland’s core values. Certainly, customers are our partners is the foundation that drives customer success. We strive to be the best partner with whom to do business.

We established that right from the start in 1991.

It’s important, because our partnerships with customers have guided our project methodology and allowed us to consistently deliver exemplary services since we established them in 1996.

But I’d also like to call attention to another important core value we haven’t talked about yet: We deliver innovative solutions. Because sometimes, those solutions don’t involve our software, but how we actually deliver our services.

An established foundation

For example, when the business world went remote in 2020, we had already embraced the idea of delivering implementations, consulting, managed services, data conversions, and training in virtual formats.

“Fortunately, we were ready,” said Valt Vesikallio, senior vice president of Hyland Global Services. “Working virtually was nothing new for us. We’ve been successfully implementing content services solutions and delivering professional services both in person and virtually since 1996.”

So, switching to entirely remote was a seamless transition.

The foundation of how we deliver services and the value we provide did not change. That said, we did have to modify some of the tactical approaches and add some new tools, but it was like putting the last piece in the puzzle. We had already established a foundation for success.

Your success.

Meanwhile, we have an internal team dedicated to the development, maintenance, and training of our project methodology, tools, and processes. Having these established practices in place allows us to continue to partner with our customers, learn what works best, and deliver world-class services, especially under not-so-normal circumstances.

Delivering services remotely has another great benefit, as it allows us to make high-quality recordings of activities like training sessions. This gives customers flexibility to train on-demand, so they can work them into their schedules, if they choose.low-code development

Driving it home

I hope you’ve enjoyed the DRIVE to success series. We believe that our drive is your drive. And together, we’ll continue to head down the road to success.

In 1991, we came up with what we thought was a better way of doing business. So we started a company and focused on helping our customers optimize the way they work.

While our products, solutions, and services have evolved significantly over the last three decades, our unwavering dedication to the success of our customers has not changed. That’s the goal we established when we started, and it will continue to drive us into the future.

Stacie Dashiell is the assistant vice president of Hyland Global Services.
Stacie Dashiell
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Stacie Dashiell

Stacie Dashiell is the assistant vice president of Hyland Global Services.

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