In our shared DRIVE to success, the “D” is for dedicated

Welcome back to the DRIVE to success series, where we’re taking a look at how our Global Service’s project methodology delivers results for our customers. Today, we’re focusing on the letter D, which stands for dedicated.

There are many words I can use to describe the consultants in Hyland Global Services. But the one that resonates most with me is “dedicated.”

In my 17 years with Global Services, I have witnessed dedication like none other. It is our dedication to our customers’ success that has driven us over the years. And it remains a core tenant of our culture as we continue to scale as a global organization.

Here are just a few great examples that show how dedication has been at the core of what Hyland stands for from one of our earliest customers to more than 15,000 today:

  • Back in 1997, Packy Hyland, then our president and CEO, found out a new product wasn’t working very well, so he got in his car and drove from Cleveland to Raleigh, North Carolina; he thought he’d be there for two weeks, but ended up staying for three months
  • One services pro was on a weekend boating trip on Lake Erie, but much to the chagrin of everyone on board, turned around to go help a customer
  • Another proactive employee shipped scanners to a customer’s home to enable a successful testing cycle in a remote environment

There are hundreds of other stories demonstrating our dedication to our customers’ success. But I want to explain how our commitment specifically helps our customers achieve their business goals.

Our customers are our partners

We are a partner, not a vendor, that is dedicated to providing a positive experience and outcome. In fact, we feel so strongly about this, treating our customers as partners has been one of our core values ever since we set them in stone back in 2003.

By following an established methodology, we’re able to successfully lead customers to their desired outcomes while navigating any unique needs. Our dedication is evident by our deep understanding of our customers’ industries and business challenges. Since we established our professional services in 1996, we’ve developed dedicated industry teams staffed with experts who are committed to continuous learning.

This expertise enables us to accelerate your time to value and maximize the return on your investment.

This is our third engagement with Hyland, and we have had some exceptional Hyland staff to work with each time. This last engagement we were lucky enough to work with the same technologist as we had on our second engagement, and his service to your customers is fantastic. He takes the time to understand client needs, address concerns and provide recommendations. While we’ve had great experiences with Hyland staff all around, we’d love to continue working with this same trusted individual that understands our business needs. Your staff are truly ambassadors to your company!

– Prairie Centre Credit Union (SaskCentral)

Ongoing support, shared success

We are dedicated to our customers’ entire journeys, not just the transaction or implementation in front of us. Our customer relationships are more important than any one unique instance, so we maintain a focus on the long term, not just achieving any near-term goals.

We lead our customers through their digital transformation journeys, and are with them every step of the way, achieving collective success. Global Services is dedicated to holding ourselves and our customers accountable to drive outcomes — and transparency and collaboration are the keys.

Simply put, dedication to our customers is paramount to success. Both theirs and ours.

Stay tuned for our next post on our intentional approach to guiding customers to success, where we address the R in our DRIVE methodology. Spoiler alert: It stands for results oriented.

Rob Niehaus
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Rob Niehaus

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