I’m not a cat: Sometimes, we all need a little help

“I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings,” said the judge.

“We’re trying,” said the attorney. “We don’t know how to remove it. I’m here live.”

Then, he said those magical words.

“I’m not a cat.”

Watching the viral video, you can see it in the judge’s face. You can almost hear him thinking: I went to law school. We didn’t cover this. Do I actually respond?

“… I can see that,” the judge finally said.

Help is here when you need it

Sometimes, especially these days, when we’re utilizing technology to do just about everything virtually, things can go a little awry. Like, for example, when you turn into a cat during a hearing. With a judge.

And then the entire world sees it.

Maybe in your world, you were all set to get rid of a legacy system. But then you realized just how many solutions tie into that rickety old system. Now a judge is staring at you while you look like a cat frozen in the headlights.

That’s why, since 1998, we’ve offered services to go along with our award-winning software solutions. Working side by side with your team, our industry-specific experts understand your business and the problems you need to solve. We know that your initial implementation is just the beginning.

Because, as the world evolves, your business – and the solutions you utilize to get work done – needs to adapt. Constantly.

We know you and your team are total pros. But you’re busy. And sometimes, things get … stuck. That’s why we’re here to help.

Especially if you turn into a cat.

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and currently serves as a manager in Enterprise Advising Services. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with... read more about: Carissa Nettle