Hyland Global Services: Our shared DRIVE to success

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The year 2020 brought challenges to us all. For many businesses, figuring out how to quickly ramp up a remote workforce was a huge challenge.

Fortunately, Hyland Global Services was ready. Working virtually was nothing new for us, as we’ve been doing so since 1996. For years, we have successfully implemented content services solutions and delivered professional services both in person and virtually.

In fact, during 2020 and 2021, our travel and onsite customer time has decreased by more than 70 percent, as we have shifted our focus to delivering more engagements virtually.

From helping healthcare organizations provide more-informed care in a safe manner to helping to keep essential products moving, easy access to critical information is the key. So we were glad to be playing our part to help keep businesses running.

After all, our mission is to help our customers best serve their customers. Especially during difficult times.

Driving toward success, together

When the world paused and travel was no more, we accelerated and leveraged our DRIVE project methodology to continue to deliver the exemplary services we have always provided to our customers.

In fact, we were able to foster greater interaction and collaboration with our customers utilizing the five pillars of our DRIVE methodology:

Our teams begin by understanding our global customers’ unique environments, requirements and goals. Then, we work together to ensure successful outcomes and return on investment.

Making it even easier to connect

Through our recent acquisition of Alfresco — the developer of a modern, cloud-native business platform — we’ve increased our footprint in the European, Middle East and Africa market. Now, we have 30 additional global services experts with the ability to speak 4+ languages helping us to meet our global customer needs.

Meanwhile, our DRIVE methodology is delivering great results. Our customer surveys have shown that our customer satisfaction scores increased by 11 points year-over-year from 2019 through 2020. This illustrates that we were successfully able to navigate the terrain that was 2020.

This roadmap will guide us as we continue our partnership with each customer to ensure they reach their destinations and beyond.

It doesn’t feel like a vendor relationship, it feels like a partnership. That’s where I would like to get some of our other vendor relationships to — where you’re not speaking to a different person every time you call. Where they don’t forget your location and what your business is about. Hyland remembers all of that. They know who we are, they know what we’re trying to do — big and small — within a project and within our programs.

— Brigitte Hamilton, director of portfolio and project management, SAIF

So buckle up and stay tuned to our seven-part blog series. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to members of our Global Services team who will share stories of how they used our DRIVE methodology to lead customers to successful outcomes and lasting improvements for their business.

I hope you enjoy our shared DRIVE to success series!

Valt Vesikallio is Hyland’s senior vice president of global services.
Valt Vesikallio
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Valt Vesikallio

Valt Vesikallio is Hyland’s senior vice president of global services.

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