Hy-Tech Camps: Get an early start on your awesome tech career!

Hy-Tech Camp

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is a question we repeatedly ask children, and it’s always interesting to hear their answers. Studies show that students are influenced by their surroundings from a very young age. These influences could be family members or even things they see on TV and in the movies. The most popular jobs kids learn about are usually attorneys, doctors, nurses, police officers, etc.

Unfortunately, their chances of exposure to a Software Developer role – among other jobs in the information technology field – are very slim. That’s what we’re trying to change here at Hyland.

In 2020, there will be 1.4 million computing jobs available. However, there will only be 400,000 computer science students looking to fill those jobs.

That’s 1 million more jobs than students available!

Encouraging high-tech education
Obviously, we see a huge educational gap that we can help close. As Hyland continues to grow as a company, we will need to continue hiring skilled individuals for our technical positions. If we don’t do our part to help students down paths in computer science, this gap means – among other things – we might have trouble filling those roles.

How can we help fix that problem?

If we start exposing students to the different opportunities within computer science at an early age, we can work towards closing the gap. So Hyland started a series of Hy-Tech Camps this summer, inviting incoming 7th grade students through outgoing high school seniors to attend.

All the camps are free to students and are led by Hyland employees. Each camp is a one-evening session that teaches students about a technology topic. The topics range from learning how to build a webpage to learning how to build a PC.

Enabling high-tech education
If their schools don’t teach it, these camps could be one of the only opportunities for students to learn about computer science. Our goal is to provide students with resources and expert guidance, so they walk away from our camps with an interest in technology and motivation to learn more.

Through these camps, we aim to give students a way to learn about the career paths available to them.

As the largest software company in the area with hundreds of technical employees, Hyland has a huge opportunity to give back to the community and make an impact on the younger generation. Through our summer camps and other technical outreach programs, we can help close the computer science gap.

See you at camp!

Caitlin Nowlin

Caitlin Nowlin

Caitlin Nowlin is Hyland’s tech outreach program manager. Her mission is to give Hyland employees the chance to help close educational gaps in computer science while providing students opportunities to... read more about: Caitlin Nowlin