How taking my pup to the vet is like an IT solution health check

Armed with questions about our new puppy’s energy level, diet and hiccups, we headed to the vet for his first appointment. Archie weighed in at 27 pounds.

As the tech noted this on his chart, I immediately had a ton of questions:

  • How much should he weigh?
  • Should he be smaller?
  • Bigger?
  • Are we feeding him too much?
  • Too little?
  • The right food?

Being first-time pet owners, we didn’t know much about this little pup and how to provide the best care possible. We wanted – and probably needed – guidance from the experts.

From vets to IT solutions, you need expert guidance

As I travel and meet with customers, I have questions similar to the ones I had for my vet.

I often ask questions like:

  • Is your solution as efficient as it can be?
  • When an end user reports that the system is running “slow,” do you have the proper benchmarks in place to determine if there is a problem?
  • Do you have a full understanding of the infrastructure?

Proactive rather than reactive

The nice thing about Archie’s vet appointment, for us, was that we made it weeks in advance. We had time to think and prepare the questions we wanted answers to.

This was not the case for the English Bulldog who was in the exam room next door who may or may not have eaten up to three golf balls. That pet owner was not as calm as we were.

Which brings up the idea of being proactive. Which brings up yet more questions:

  • Who provides your performance analysis?
  • In the event your solution has a disruption, do you know the right person to call?
  • Do you have a multi-year IT roadmap?

The answers to these questions are important. If you don’t know them, you probably need some expert guidance.

Understanding where we are, planning for the journey ahead

Once we established that Archie isn’t starving – all Labrador retriever puppies like to make their owners think they are – and that the 2 a.m. wakeup calls were normal, we got proactive again. We started asking … more questions.

We wanted to know:

  • What should we expect next?
  • When will he sleep through the night?
  • When will we need to increase the amount of food we feed him?
  • When do we need to increase the size of his crate?
  • Most importantly, will he ever stop stealing socks?

After the vet reminded me to take a breath, he said he was happy I was asking these questions. It’s important to know what’s next. And to be ready for it.

The same applies to the solutions your organization relies on every day. Knowing the status quo is one thing, but having a plan for growth (two pounds per week is what we learned we could expect for the next few months with Archie) is another.

That’s the value of vets – and Hyland enterprise consultants. The right consultants are there to help you realize where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. They provide professional analyses and then help you create roadmaps to help you anticipate and meet the needs of your business.

Hopefully, one day I will need a roadmap to take Archie for a walk. Because currently, we make it about three houses before he either gets bored and sits in the road or I get frustrated because he has been sniffing a fire hydrant for 30 minutes.

If your organization’s IT infrastructure is due for a checkup – or you’re looking for an IT roadmap – we’re here to help!

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and currently serves as a manager in Enterprise Advising Services. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with thousands of individuals around the world, using every engagement as an opportunity to learn more about how Hyland solutions are helping our customers and partners. She enjoys connecting members of the Hyland community with others who share similar goals, industries and/or business problems to empower them to collaborate in creating successful partnerships and solutions. When she isn’t talking about Hyland she can be found cycling, traveling or taking long hikes with her husband, daughter and yellow Lab.
Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and currently serves as a manager in Enterprise Advising Services. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with... read more about: Carissa Nettle