We’re listening: 3 lessons Hyland customers taught us this year

What can we learn from our customers?

A lot.

Misty Bradley, an enterprise advisor on Hyland’s Global Services team, focuses on the power of lifting up customer voices to drive success.

As the year comes to an end, there are typically two lenses through which to view the upcoming year:

  1. Looking back, so you can assess what has transpired and what can be done differently
  2. Looking forward, so you can determine what your focus will be in the coming year and what new strategies can be utilized to meet your goals

These lenses, however, are not mutually exclusive. Leaders must take both views and all the insight available from them to create a singular vision for action.

In our fast-paced technology world, customer engagements offer deep and powerful insight for Hyland. This time of year, we reflect on the anecdotes and customer input we heard in 2021 and consider how we can translate it into benefits for all of Hyland’s customers going forward.

Here are some key takeaways.

True partnership is part of the high-value technology equation

With any endeavor, we all need people in our corner, and it’s no different in business.

Our customers are looking for guidance and experience in managing an increasingly complex technology landscape. They want a partner to help them:

  • Expand their solutions and identify opportunities to meet changing business needs
  • Simplify existing solutions as they modernize
  • Evaluate complex configurations to improve the end users’ experiences
  • Evolve their solutions ahead of the pace of business

Collaboration is the first step on your digital transformation journey

In customer workshops throughout the year, we’ve focused on business strategies that align with our partnership focus. Hyland customers — whether OnBase, Nuxeo Platform or Alfresco users — have taught us that planning for the future is not a one-time engagement. For example, we’ve seen the financial services world evolve into an even more complex beast filled with ever-changing regulatory mandates, customer demands and continuous evolution in all aspects.

Similarly, the technologies that support our customers’ businesses and drive their execution strategies are also gaining in complexity. Our workshops have proven to be a good first step in a much longer journey with our customers.

But, the key phrase there is “first step.”

Developing strategies for your organization must consider the immediate, the near-term and the long-term. It requires partnership and collaboration on an ongoing basis.

Enablement leads to new possibilities

Launching a solution, expanding product lines or growing an overall strategy is never solely about the technology. Customers have expressed the need for strategies that support long-term adoption through:

  • Developing a continual learning plan for end users and IT staff
  • A change management methodology to communicate updates across the organization and ensure end users have the resources they need to do their jobs
  • A way to govern the flexibility of Hyland solutions that enforces policies, best practices and allows for growth

Because these topics are not exclusively software-related, our customers have taught us that the path to meeting business goals must include a variety of strategies that will lead to a successful future-state. The advantage of incorporating ideas like these allows us to work at a faster pace, create better user awareness and adoption, and improve efficiency.

Get ready!

Learning about customer needs teaches us more about partnership and how we can work together to achieve like-minded goals inside and outside the technology arena.

Consider your organizational goals and intentions for next year and leverage Hyland Services and the Hyland Community to help you focus and prepare your evolving technology strategies!

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Misty Bradley is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, she spent 15-plus years in both the financial and software industries. As an enterprise advisor, she uses her IT, development management, project management background and strategic planning to lead workshops that help Hyland customers get the most value from their solution investment. She lives in San Diego and golfs as much as she can.
Misty Bradley

Misty Bradley

Misty Bradley is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, she spent 15-plus years in both the financial and software industries. As an enterprise advisor,... read more about: Misty Bradley