Change is coming

For Christmas this year, we are getting a puppy! Yep, we are diving in. My 13-year-old daughter has been asking, begging, and pleading for a dog for six years. That’s almost half her life!

When I asked my husband what we were getting her for Christmas he said, and I quote: “I think it is time to get her a dog.”

I quote that because I want to be very clear that, while I intend to love this puppy, it was not my idea.

Speaking of ideas, it was funny how we achieved ‘stakeholder buy-in’ while naming our new puppy – Archie. My husband thinks it was his idea, named for Ohio State football player Archie Griffin. My daughter, however, thinks it was her idea, named after a character on the television show Riverdale.

I call that a win-win.

It’s amazing all of the things that go into getting a dog. Preparing to bring this dog into our home has exposed us to the potential need for gates, crates, toys, food, treats, and … who knows what else.  And the training options are greater than I ever imagined.

Additionally, we need to find a vet and make sure Archie has regular health checks. Someone just asked me if he has already had a flu shot.

I didn’t even know dogs could get the flu.

I decided to reach out to my personal community to ask for advice via Facebook. Much like taking on any new, life-changing event, people had their opinions.

One person’s advice was “Don’t do it.”

To that I say, “Too late.”

User adoption – no pun intended

I grew up on a farm that always had a Labrador retriever. My husband and daughter, on the other hand, have never had so much as a pet rock. Therefore, I am confident they believe this adorable ball of fur is going to walk into our house and sleep through the night, not eat our (white) couch, and teach himself to use the toilet.

I, on the other hand, have been planning for this since we made the decision to adopt. Based on my purchases, you might want to buy stock in gates, crates, carpet cleaner, and puppy playpens.

That said, from the moment we decided to get a dog, we have been in this together. We have visited the potential pups together, we have asked questions together, we have made decisions together, and we all agreed on the pup we chose.

I knew this from my experiences at Hyland over the last 12 years. In my role as Global Services Program Manager, I know it is critical to include everyone who will be affected by change in the actual change process. Imagine if I had gone out on my own, picked up a dog and brought it home without any warning or communication.

The same applies to organizations when they consider implementing new processes, procedures, or software. Simply put, the more an organization communicates about what will change (while letting people know what will stay the same), the more likely those impacted by the change will respond positively.

The importance of training

It isn’t only puppies who need training, it is my family as well. We want our puppy to grow up to be a nice dog. We want him to be welcomed by our friends and family. We want him to be well-behaved and, as my daughter pointed out, clean.

All that means we need to go to training. And, much like the training available on, there is a lot out there. Like, a lot.

But don’t worry! While I’m inundated with puppy options, our training website is easy to navigate. Not only did we streamline the user interface, it has great descriptions that will help you choose wisely.

Learning from the experience of others

My family is a wonderful network of friends who have raised dogs from puppies and most of the dogs have turned out pretty good. That said, I adhere to the notion that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

Hearing what worked, what didn’t work, and what each person wish they knew or what they would have done differently has been enlightening. While each situation is different, there are best practices that we have heard repeatedly.

This is exactly like the Hyland Community, Hyland Training, and our user groups. Together, we’ve built a fantastic network of customers, partners, and expert Hyland employees who are there for you to bounce questions and ideas off of.

Have a question? Need advice? Interested in a new solution? These folks are primed and ready to help.

Planning for the next year

From dog sitters to dog training, 2019 will be a big year of change for my family. Much like taking on a new project, we have a lot of planning to do. We are expanding our family and it is important for everyone to know the objectives and their changing roles.

As the holidays kick in, and 2019 looms large, now is the time to start planning. What would you like to learn more about? What areas does your organization need an expert to lead change? How are you going to create opportunities for yourself and your organization?

We’re here to help. And yes, we have plenty of treats.

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and currently serves as a manager in Enterprise Advising Services. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with thousands of individuals around the world, using every engagement as an opportunity to learn more about how Hyland solutions are helping our customers and partners. She enjoys connecting members of the Hyland community with others who share similar goals, industries and/or business problems to empower them to collaborate in creating successful partnerships and solutions. When she isn’t talking about Hyland she can be found cycling, traveling or taking long hikes with her husband, daughter and yellow Lab.
Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle has been part of Hyland Global Services since 2007 and currently serves as a manager in Enterprise Advising Services. During this time, she has shared her knowledge with... read more about: Carissa Nettle