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When I pulled into my driveway yesterday after making a routine shopping trip to the grocer and several retail stores, a thought occurred to me. As we navigate our way forward in this next normal, thank goodness there are a few bright spots.

The ‘digital transformation of running errands’ is certainly one that registers on my list. Because these days, I don’t have to spend nearly an hour in large, impersonal stores every two weeks.

Instead, I’m able to:

  • Order what we need from home on my laptop
  • Let the stores know when I’m on my way, using an app on my mobile phone
  • Pull up to the store and open the back door, so store staff can easily place items in my car
  • Save my face-to-face shopping experiences for local shop owners

Now, necessary shopping takes less than one hour, instead of three.

This means a lot. Because I can spend those two hours on tasks that are of high value to me, like going for a run. Or learning more about the new technology that’s going to make my job easier. Or trying a new recipe for my family.

Digital offerings in every industry are proliferating; but leveraging the right tools enables you to keep pace

This digital transformation that’s elevated a key mundane task in my home life inspired me to ask this question to colleagues and friends in recent weeks: “In light of the way our world has changed in this past year, what is most important to you?”

Three main areas come up again and again:

  1. People: Those we care about, those we serve and those who serve us
  2. Time: Spending our time on what is most important
  3. Agility: The ability to obtain what we need, when we need it; this includes utilizing limited resources for the initiatives that are most valuable

The value of serving the people we care about and spending our time and resources in the most-important places has always been clear. In this digital age, it’s paramount. And the proliferation of new digital technologies reflects this.

But organizations leveraging low-code content services platforms are realizing that it can be hard to prioritize which technologies to move forward with, because budgets are finite — as are the resources you need to implement. There can also be a steep learning curve to understanding the capabilities of rapidly emerging technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent capture. You also need to figure out how pairing these technologies with cloud delivery can make life better for those you serve — both internally and externally.

It’s a lot.

This is where Premium Subscription, Hyland’s on-demand training with hands-on capabilities, is so key. It enables you to tap into and try rapidly emerging technologies in an immersive, risk-free environment.

Premium provides comprehensive training on key areas of critical and emerging technologies, but also — and this is important — gives you the tools to easily customize this training for your end users, your business analysts and your decision-makers. This allows you to more easily create the awareness that helps to prioritize tech projects that will provide the outcomes you need to achieve in key areas of your organization.

Let’s see how.

Fast-track your knowledge of how emerging capabilities fit into your organization’s plan

digital transformation

We’re not just saying this; we’ll walk you through how this works in our Premium Office Hours.

Premium Office Hours is a 30-minute interactive virtual event for Hyland customers. It is a quick, impactful introduction to Premium Subscription on-demand training where experts share key insights on how to best leverage these training tools to meet the needs of your organization’s unique environment and tech strategy.

With one subscription, anyone in your organization can access Hyland’s role-based and industry-specific training at any time, from anywhere. Here are three things we’ll cover in the first Office Hours.

1. Customize end-user training

Some employees — whether they are analyzing business processes and designing solutions, performing upgrades or implementing new solutions — will benefit from participating in comprehensive training. That said, there are many employees and end users who may only need to see a fraction of a training video to gain an understanding of how new solutions will impact their processes for the better.

This is why we offer the ability for you to customize the videos, so users can see only what’s meaningful to them, and make it available right from your Learning Management System (LMS) or training portal in the context you design for your exact environment. With Premium, you simply:

  • Click the link for End-User Training
  • Click “View Downloadable Courses” and select the course you’d like to customize
  • View a “readme,” which walks you through the steps, and the course is immediately available for download; no need to submit a request

Then, you can edit the video to keep only the frames that are useful to your end users and host the customized training on your internal network, or add it to your LMS.

2. Risk-free exploration of the newest technologies

Time to learn, experiment and understand how to implement emerging technology is more critical these days than ever before in order to keep pace with the expectation of today’s digital users.

With the sandbox environment available to you in Premium’s Hands-On Labs, you don’t need to rely on demos, or create a new test environment to try out new technology — you can also discover solutions available now with the technology you already own.

When you have a Premium Subscription, Hands-On Labs are available with a few clicks, minimizing the time and risk associated with getting to know new technologies.

3. Create an environment where users embrace new solutions

One of the fundamental components to successfully implementing new technology is the enthusiasm and adoption of it by the people it’s there to serve. This can be difficult because change is hard for most people. But simple strategies and tactics can organically encourage support of what’s changing and why.

In light of this, Hyland change management consultants and experts in solution implementation developed the Upgrade Adoption Kit included with Premium Subscription. The kit provides supportive tactics for not only upgrades, but also for the implementation of any solution that may impact people’s day-to-day tasks.

Downloadable immediately, the kit includes features like:

  • Planning tools, release communication timelines, posters and flyers
  • Email templates for upgrade-awareness communications, including sample messaging that prepares users for the reality that change is coming soon, as well as the celebratory email indicating implementation success
  • Webinar PowerPoint template, guide and script that help you prepare and present an Upgrade webinar
  • Training materials and tools to educate your end users; you can use the available training or customize it for your organization using the raw files

Challenges often bring opportunities, but you must be prepared to seize them

Time is a valuable thing. We want more time to focus on the people and things we care about, and we want to dedicate less time to tasks that are tiresome, but necessary. It is true in both the home and the workplace, and digital solutions are the conduit.

It only makes sense to take advantage of the tools available to shorten the time between planning and successful implementation of transformative solutions.

We look forward to seeing you at the Premium Office Hours. And if you’re not a customer but want to learn more, just email us at [email protected] to speak with one of our experts.

As a Content Strategist for Hyland's Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has earned several industry certifications along the way—including Microsoft Certified Professional—and has spent time in Solution, Product and Global Services Marketing. Having the opportunity to experience the technical, user-based, enterprise-class and industry-specific areas of Hyland's solutions and services gives Sarah unique insight into the true impact Hyland has on the world. An avid reader and outdoors enthusiast, Sarah enjoys spending time exploring with her Golden-doodle dog Leo and writing about the impactful, inspirational human stories that accompany technology in our evolving, data-driven world.
Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner

As a Content Strategist for Hyland’s Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has... read more about: Sarah Stoner