A day in the life No. 2: Today you can call me a developer

Last time we talked, you called me your outsourced system administrator.

Today, you can call me a ‘developer’ if you want. After all, I’ve just joined your team for the next six months, and I will be working side-by-side with your team members to develop Hyland solutions for your organization.

It’s very exciting for me, joining your team. You’ve been a valued customer of ours for years and I have spent the last eight years as a consultant for Hyland Global Services, specializing in process automation design and solution delivery. So I’m ready to go.

I love these opportunities to join customer teams in their own environments—and take a spin in their shoes—as we develop transformative solutions together. It’s an insightful experience, and each engagement teaches me something valuable about solution delivery and partnership.

We really do view our relationship with our customers as a partnership

Our Staff Augmentation Services are the result of years of listening to and working with our customers on their information management journeys. We discovered that often, our customers face delays in project momentum because of temporary gaps in technical resources. Sometimes you need an expert resource in a certain area, like API or advanced capture development, other times you want to keep a critical project moving forward when in-house experts are not available in the timeframe desired.

And sometimes, you simply need an extra set of hands to get projects over the finish line.

In this case, you have your own implementation teams and change control process, including project managers, developers, business analysts, and testers. But you were one OnBase developer short of the number needed to meet your project deadlines, and you needed an experienced resource.

Ta-da! Here I am. All yours for six months.

Providing the expertise you need, with parameters defined by you

I am an expert in process automation design and the implementation of OnBase solutions, which means I am an expert in our Workflow and WorkView modules as well as many others. I have experience developing automated and case-based solutions across industries, but in the last several years, I have focused solely on business processes specific to business unit areas in your industry. Likewise, my peer consultants across Global Services are dedicated to specific industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Insurance

As part of your project team, I am 100 percent dedicated to your projects; think of me as a member of your staff.

You define the priorities, and I work with the team to develop and deliver solutions. I mostly work remotely, joining the standup meetings by conference call and developing my portion of the project tasks via VPN connection. I collaborate with other team members by phone, email, or instant message, and travel to your office occasionally.

If necessary, I could be onsite every day—it all depends on how you prefer to work.

As your dedicated resource, I can switch Hyland hats to seize opportunities

Most of my daily interactions are as a developer within my project team, but every once in a while I provide development or troubleshooting support to your help desk or another OnBase team. I’m happy to help in any way I can while I’m here and wear any OnBase hat you’ve got in the box.

But for the sake of simplicity, today you can just call me a developer.

Let’s get started!

Brittany has provided consulting services as a member of the Hyland Global Services team for more than eight years, specializing in process automation design and solution delivery. She has traveled near and far to work with customers across a number of industries (and in several countries), but has recently dedicated her focus to expertise in financial services solutions as a lead consultant in the Financial Services Consulting group.
Brittany Henthorn

Brittany Henthorn

Brittany has provided consulting services as a member of the Hyland Global Services team for more than eight years, specializing in process automation design and solution delivery. She has traveled... read more about: Brittany Henthorn