A day in the life: As your Outsourced System Administrator, I meet you where you are and get you where you need to be

It’s funny how every company is so different, and yet so many organizations face so many of the same challenges in keeping their IT initiatives moving forward.

As a Global Services Consultant for nearly a decade, I’ve assisted hundreds of customers with content services projects and initiatives, doing everything from solution design to implementing integrated workflows and case management solutions that help advance digital capabilities in all corners of customer organizations.

One of my favorite assignments is being an Outsourced System Administrator

Outsourced System Administration Services essentially loan out technical experts from Hyland, like me, to customer organizations for however long they need support in this key IT role, which encompasses many diverse areas of content services.

And it’s one of my favorite assignments. Partly because I am so energized by the capabilities our platforms and solutions offer our customers without customization. Helping them uncover quick wins with configuration adjustments or optimal methods to administer their solutions is really enjoyable.

But it’s also my favorite because I’ve had the opportunity to see the different approaches that hundreds of organizations have taken to transform their business processes. I think having walked in the shoes of so many administrators really helps me understand the real world challenges users and IT teams face when rolling out new solutions, or bringing in new staff to administer the solutions.

Help keep your users and solutions on the right path, despite changes to processes or personnel

Change is difficult to accept. You know it, and I know it.

In my role, part of my job is to be an advocate for change. But trust me when I say, I understand what you’re going through. This is why so many customers turn to Hyland’s managed services, and specifically outsourced administration services, because we know that there can be many hurdles on the path to digital transformation.

And we know how to meet customers where they are, and get them to where they need to be, regardless of the changes happening.

So whether you’ve just consolidated several legacy document management solutions to a Hyland platform and don’t have a permanent system administrator in that seat yet, or you’ve had success gradually growing your solutions over the years, but your sys admin just left to go to Greece for a month—or to retire—we are here for you. Because your critical information management platforms are too valuable to risk being unattended by a dedicated system administrator.

For example, let’s talk about conversions 

Conversion efforts that migrate documents and data from legacy systems to a Hyland solution are increasingly common for a variety of reasons. Maybe the system you had before did a pretty good job and you wanted to keep it, but it’s no longer supported by the reseller or parent company. Maybe your organization is expanding, and in order to accommodate growth you have to replace a point solution in a specific business area with a solution in your enterprise platform.

Whatever the reason, your users have to adjust to something that not only looks different than your previous product, but also behaves differently, and perhaps has different needs for administration and maintenance. That’s a whole lot of change.

But here’s the thing. I can help.

I’ve been there before, and can hit the ground running to ensure your users and your systems are well supported.

For example, on one occasion, a few years ago, I was the onsite Outsourced System Administrator for a great organization after a conversion. Unfortunately, they hadn’t conducted any formal change management leading up to the solution rollout—which, full disclosure, we absolutely recommend doing any time there is a big change in enterprise or critical software solutions. And their document management system was integrated with several line-of-business systems, was used by employees at multiple branch locations, and there was no allowable downtime.

That’s right – this organization had an SLA requirement for essentially around-the-clock, 24/7 uptime.

To top it all off, there hadn’t ever been an in-house system administrator for the new platform; tech support was the first line of support for any and all issues. So, it was a challenging landscape with lots of moving parts.

But it was ok; I took my seat at the system administrator desk and got to work. And while HR and IT managers went about the task of filling the system administrator position, I guided users and helped keep business processes on the right path.

A day in my life as an outsourced system administrator included tasks like:

  • Fulfilling requests for additional end user training in multiple departments
  • Resolving daily helpdesk tickets
  • Gathering feedback from users and helping to optimize the user experience for people in different roles throughout the organization
  • Supporting line-of-business system administrators in troubleshooting and resolving integration issues

That means when a scanner didn’t work, I was there. When a barcode wouldn’t read properly, I was there. When users forgot how to retrieve documents, I was there. When a file server was accidentally taken down at 1 a.m. … Yep, I was (yawn) there.

I didn’t own a fitness tracker at that time, but I can tell you without a doubt I exceeded my target step count every day.

And in the end, we got through it. Together.

My replacement attended Hyland System Administrator training, shadowed me for a time, and now has complete ownership of her organization’s solutions.

We offer this service because it has a proven history of success 

In the last decade or two here in Hyland Global Services, we’ve learned there are many reasons a company may need to temporarily staff their System Administrator position—from vacations or leaves, to projects like upgrades or solution expansions that require extra in-house resources, to ramping up new hires into the System Administrator role.

With Outsourced System Administration Services, suddenly an adjustment phase with many unknowns becomes a managed phase, with predictable outcomes. And happy users.

Change can be difficult to manage, but you don’t have to manage it alone. I can help.

Oh, and I promise not to call you at 1 a.m. Unless you ask me to.

Brittany has provided consulting services as a member of the Hyland Global Services team for more than eight years, specializing in process automation design and solution delivery. She has traveled near and far to work with customers across a number of industries (and in several countries), but has recently dedicated her focus to expertise in financial services solutions as a lead consultant in the Financial Services Consulting group.
Brittany Henthorn

Brittany Henthorn

Brittany has provided consulting services as a member of the Hyland Global Services team for more than eight years, specializing in process automation design and solution delivery. She has traveled... read more about: Brittany Henthorn