5 ways to get your users excited about OnBase upgrades

Since 1991, one of our core values has been treating our customers like partners. A big part of that is listening. So when you told us you needed help building awareness and excitement for an OnBase upgrade, we listened.

We understand that challenge, so we collaborated with System Administrators – a combination of admins from Hyland and our customer organizations – to create a kit that helps you communicate about your upgrade to different groups of users in your organization.

I would like to introduce the new Upgrade Adoption Kit available with Premium Subscription! It contains tools, templates, and best practices to help your user community get prepared and excited about your OnBase upgrade.

5 ways to win

Here are five tools in the kit to help you get started:

1. Release communication timeline

Build your communication plan with a customizable timeline that helps you determine the who, when, and how for communicating.

2. Customizable end-user training

Customize end-user training to fit your organization’s solution, host it internally on your own network, and expose users to the new version of OnBase.

3. Email templates

Jumpstart your end users’ understanding and preparedness for the OnBase upgrade with targeted emails that match up with the communication timeline.

4. Webinar materials

Set up a webinar to educate different groups within your organization before the upgrade comes with help from a webinar guide, script, and PowerPoint template.

5. And more!

Generate excitement within your organization using customizable templates for posters and flyers. Celebrate your team’s training success with badges and course achievement certificates.

You asked for help with your upgrades, and we heard you. Explore the Upgrade Adoption Kit today!

Ken Congdon

Ken Congdon

Ken Congdon has expertise in the healthcare technology industry and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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