5 reasons to attend the OSEG annual meeting

One of the greatest perks of being an OnBase user is that you’re not alone – you’re part of a community. And getting involved in that community is as simple as joining one of our several industry, geographical or solution-based user groups.

OnBase users organize and run these groups for other OnBase users. And we’ve designed them specifically to bring peers together to discuss emerging trends as well as share technology best practices and lessons learned, so we know you’ll find value in attending.

Not part of a user group? Get more info on the User Group page of the OnBase Community site.

Join us to shape the future

On April 25th, the OnBase solutions expert group (OSEG) will gather in Westlake, Ohio, at Hyland’s headquarters for the 2017 annual member meeting. The OSEG is for OnBase users who want to share ideas and shape the future of departmental solutions that benefit all industries. Think accounting and finance, human resources, case management systems and more.

The annual meeting is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with peers and learn how to maximize and expand your OnBase platform. And it’s FREE for OSEG members!

If that alone isn’t enough – here are five more reasons you should join us on April 25th:


The theme of this year’s event is “Learning and Sharing,” and the day offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Whether it’s a Q&A session, roundtable discussion or a side conversation over lunch, there will be plenty of chances to learn about the different solutions organizations have implemented and share your favorite tips and tricks with fellow OnBase users.

This year’s meeting includes the chance to learn from the ultimate OnBase power users – members of Hyland’s own information systems team. They’ll walk attendees through some of Hyland’s own OnBase configurations that support internal processes across departments.

2. Mingle with Miguel

You read that right. Miguel Zubizarreta, Hyland’s cofounder and retired CTO, will be in the house. In a special session, he’ll share his perspective on creating successful projects – in particular, workflow software projects.

Attendees can also participate in a roundtable session or live Q&A with the technology titan himself.

3. Peer into the future of OnBase

Crystal ball not required. Hyland product experts will be on hand to discuss how market and technology drivers are shaping the future and technical vision of the OnBase platform. They’ll also explore how the market has shifted from traditional ‘enterprise content management’ to ‘content services’ – and share a preview of what’s coming in OnBase17 and beyond.

4. Meet your Board of Directors

Events like this don’t plan themselves – they’re the product of a lot of time an energy from a dedicated group of OnBase users like you. The annual meeting is a chance to do more than just put a face to the name of those you elected. It’s a chance to get to know and share ideas with the leaders whose No. 1 goal is to make the OSEG a valuable resource for you and other OnBase users.

So come meet Bill, Joy, Mitzie, Terri and Robert. Don’t know who I’m talking about? That’s why you have to come!

5. You’ve been cooped up in that office for far too long

It’s springtime in Cleveland! The weather’s warming up and baseball season is in full swing. The OSEG annual meeting is a great way to stretch your legs, shake off the winter and dream up your next great OnBase solution. Better start writing your ‘Employee of the Year’ acceptance speech now!

OSEG members can get more information and access the registration link from the OSEG page on the OnBase Community site. Registration is free for members, and includes lunch and refreshments at the evening networking reception. See you on April 25th!

Danielle Simer is a marketing portfolio manager at Hyland. Her mission is to share best practices and evangelize the power of enterprise content management (ECM) as a tool to automate paper-based processes and improve operations across accounting and finance, human resources, and contract management. Danielle joined Hyland after more than six years with a research and advisory firm devoted to helping senior executives manage their departments and teams more effectively. She received her bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and her MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.
Danielle Simer

Danielle Simer

Danielle Simer is a marketing portfolio manager at Hyland. Her mission is to share best practices and evangelize the power of enterprise content management (ECM) as a tool to automate... read more about: Danielle Simer