4 ‘New’ Year resolutions for your OnBase solution

Though we’re already well into the New Year, it’s never too late to make a resolution. Now is always a good time for looking back, looking forward and improving.

Usually, New Year’s resolutions are ways to benefit the self; I’ll leave that advice to other people. Today I’d like to propose some resolutions for 2018 that can make your IT budget work to benefit you – and your entire organization.

Here are my four suggestions:

1. Upgrade your system

If your organization just upgraded in 2017, you have my permission to wait to upgrade – although many organizations are now finding out the benefits of upgrading every year. But if you’re on a version of OnBase older than 16, one of the best things you can do for your solution is to plan on upgrading to a more current version within the next 12 months.

Upgrading brings many benefits, like taking advantage of the latest security enhancements to help keep your data safe. It also allows you to take advantage of new solutions and technology.

If you haven’t upgraded in a long time, or you’ve inherited your OnBase system and aren’t sure where to get started, don’t let that stop you. There are upgrade experts out there to help you at whatever level you need – from simple system assessments and readiness checks, all the way to taking the upgrade out of your hands completely.

If you’re a grizzled vet, you may be tempted to take an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. However, you want to make sure and not let your solution get too far out of date! When the delta between OnBase versions is kept closer, the less risky and complex the upgrade project.

2. Further your knowledge

There are many ways to tackle the goal of furthering your knowledge. For example, OnBase learning opportunities aren’t limited to TechQuest and CommunityLIVE – but of course, those events do help.

Try reaching out to your account managers or solution experts for some ideas on how to continue learning year-round! For example, Hyland and its partners offer online educational courses geared toward helping you cultivate your OnBase knowledge, gain new certifications and help you own your solution.

 3. Innovate across your enterprise with a new solution

Many organizations own an OnBase license they are not fully utilizing. Others purchased their solutions years ago, but have not taken advantage of some of the newer technologies that have arisen or matured over the past few years.

By taking stock of all the different solutions and licenses across the enterprise, you just might find systems you no longer use, or systems that are information silos, which can lead to the dreaded IT sprawl.

4. Get involved in OnBase communities!

Ready to network with Hyland customers, partners and employees? Looking to share your point of view? Need to ask subject matter experts some technical questions?

Join Hyland Community, which offers technical forums, solution groups and tons of useful documentation.

Implementing any one of these resolutions is a great way to add value to your career and your organization, no matter when you start. If you – and those you work with – make all four of these a part of your 2018 goals, you’ll certainly increase the returns on your OnBase investment. In fact, your resolutions could revolutionize the way you do business!

If you’re ready to upgrade, check out my next post where we’ll put together a plan for your upgrade project.

* This blog post was originally published on the DataBank Blog.

Mike Current started at Hyland in 2010 as a technical support rep and cloud engineer for Global Cloud Services. He is currently an Infrastructure Admin in Quality Assurance. Mike tests configuration, runs projects such as Release Candidate and the OnBase 16 Beta Program, manages the “Mitigating Risk in OnBase Upgrades” whitepaper and evangelizes synchronous and incremental parallel upgrades.

Outside of OnBase, Mike loves spending time with his family, working out and playing Xbox. He can often be found sipping a whisky and talking about geeky things while watching a Patriots football or Cleveland Cavaliers game.
Mike Current

Mike Current

Mike Current started at Hyland in 2010 as a technical support rep and cloud engineer for Global Cloud Services. He is currently an Infrastructure Admin in Quality Assurance. Mike tests... read more about: Mike Current