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In the vast marketplace for cloud-based storage and sharing applications, ShareBase stands out for being designed specifically for corporate enterprise use, with features and functionality built to effectively tackle workflow problems that plague large companies.

For example, one use case that enterprises often struggle with—particularly those with a sizeable sales force—is employee expenses. Here’s how Discovery Benefits Inc. (DBI), an employee benefits administration service provider and OnBase customer, used ShareBase to streamline and cure the pain of processing employee and travel expenses.

A costly, inefficient process

Before ShareBase, DBI employees followed a complicated, multi-step accounts payable process requiring e-forms, approvals, notifications and receipt tracking. Getting reimbursed for travel expenses required employees to scan receipts, email them and import them into the OnBase system, and either index them by voucher number or hand them to the admin team to upload into OnBase.

The modern expenses workflow

Following an easy ShareBase configuration—a half day to build the OnBase Workflow and a few more days for the OnBase Manager to test all scenarios, the new workflow became a simple, three-step process:

  1. Before the trip, an employee places a pre-created expense form into the queue in OnBase, which automatically creates a unique folder in ShareBase for travel expenses.
  2. Using a mobile device, the employee takes and uploads pictures of receipts and expenses, which are automatically named and saved straight into the folder via the ShareBase mobile app. These are automatically swept into OnBase and attached to the expense form.
  3. Upon return, the employee updates four fields in the form for each line item, which automatically generate the remaining required GL posting codes. After manager approval, the expense report is sent to accounting to distribute reimbursements.

Now, DBI employees don’t need to keep paper receipts, organize them, or scan them into OnBase. It saves time on the administrative end as well: the ability to auto-generate codes for pay-out has cut processing time down from 20 minutes to just five. And after approvals, old folders are automatically deleted, so the system library remains uncluttered and well organized.

For more information, or to sign up for a demo, check out the ShareBase site or email [email protected]

Sara Rossmiller

Sara Rossmiller

Sara joined the Sales department at Hyland in 2010 in the Higher Education vertical. She moved to the ShareBase Sales Team upon the release of ShareBase in 2016, promoting and... read more about: Sara Rossmiller