Secure file storage and sharing, Hyland-Cloud style

Security is a serious topic for any enterprise using the cloud to store and share information. Whatever the product or application, it’s critical to consider what steps service providers are taking to ensure your information is safe from digital intruders.

The big 5

Here are five ways to know you’re in good hands—plus a detailed look at how you can use ShareBase and The Hyland Cloud to give your enterprise the advantage when it comes to security.

1. We built these applications with enterprise-level security needs in mind

There are many options when it comes to cloud-based sharing tools, but there’s a clear difference in size and experience when the environment is designed specifically for corporate enterprise use. We first deployed the private Hyland Cloud more than 15 years ago, and we have data centers in a continuously expanding variety of countries and regions.

Meanwhile, we developed ShareBase – our cloud-based, secure storage and sharing solution – as an electronic file sync and share (EFSS) solution to extend the power of document management outside of the office, while still maintaining the level of required visibility and control over critical corporate information. In fact, we purpose-built ShareBase with existing OnBase enterprise information platform customers in mind, so the thought process and approach to securing information is at the same high standard they’ve come to expect and trust.

2. Your digital information is secure in transit and at rest

Security breaches happen all too often these days, but there are myriad features you can look for in a content storage and sharing tool that can prevent this from happening at your organization.

ShareBase, for example, encrypts all documents with a unique 256-bit AES key. Documents in transit are decrypted by the ShareBase web server and sent to the local user’s session via SSL transmission. Moreover, there are multiple network layers separated by tiers of firewalls; three copies of backup data spread across different physical locations; as well as disaster recovery processes and delivery guarantees.

Nor is there any danger that your data will be comingled with anyone else’s: every ShareBase client gets an entirely separate deployment and distinct database with a unique encryption key for all documents at rest. So even if someone could get hold of your data, there’s no way to make sense of it.

3. Your data is physically secure

Equally important is the physical security and safety of your data. All of Hyland’s data centers, for instance, are staffed and maintained continuously by security personnel. There are surveillance systems constantly monitoring the infrastructure components, and the hardware is secured inside separate cages, with certified engineers available for any maintenance issue.

Even the buildings are specifically designed to ensure equipment remains in optimum condition—think computer room air conditioning units, water and fire detection systems, raised floors, emergency power-off switches—minimizing downtime potential.

4. The service provider complies with world-class standards

When you manage your vital business information and processes in the cloud, it’s important to make sure the provider is meeting the highest audit standards and has all the certifications that ensure data integrity and privacy.

Hyland’s data centers are certified with globally recognized ISO 27001 standards, or local equivalents; Hyland’s Global Cloud Services are successfully SOC 1 and 3 or SOC 2 audited; and Hyland, also registered with the Cloud Security Alliance, can sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements for organizations that must meet stringent HIPAA requirements.

5. The product itself enhances security

Security concerns don’t end once you install an EFFS solution; the security features of the product itself should undergo equal scrutiny.

ShareBase provides safeguards for these enterprise-critical features:

  • File integrity

You have the visibility to see if a file has been changed since it was created or uploaded; follow an audit trail of who has shared, viewed and edited it.

  • Rights and permissions

You can organize different groups and determine the level of access and what each user can do with content (i.e., download and view vs. edit and share).

  • Access controls

Administrators are empowered to provision user accounts and control each user’s rights; and they can transfer content when users are removed from the solution or their permissions change.

  • Monitor usage

ShareBase admins have visibility into what is being shared and how, and can create audit reports as necessary.

  • Password policies

You can easily configure password quotas, rules, lockouts and more.

  • Secure links

You also have the ability to apply password protection, expiration dates and watermarks with time stamps and IP addresses when sharing confidential documents through emails.

Learn how organizations around the globe are leveraging ShareBase security features to securely store and share critical information by checking out this webinar series.

Interested in a personal demo of ShareBase’s security features? Email [email protected].

Tori Ballantine is responsible for the product marketing of the Hyland Cloud. With more than a decade in marketing and communications—and several of those years in the cloud—Tori is passionate about finding and telling stories. She’s worked and/or written for NASA, Oracle Service Cloud, the Trust for Public Land, United Autoworkers Magazine, Behr, Kimpton Hotels, TOA Technologies, Cleveland Magazine—and many more. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Loyola University Maryland and an M.A. in Journalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.
Tori Ballantine

Tori Ballantine

Tori Ballantine is responsible for the product marketing of the Hyland Cloud. With more than a decade in marketing and communications—and several of those years in the cloud—Tori is passionate... read more about: Tori Ballantine