Is it time to scrape the barnacles off and modernize your content services platform?

New Year, new decade, new … everything?

I don’t know about you, but few things energize me more than two single days out of the year – New Year’s Day and my birthday. Each one is a milestone in time and the opportunity to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the prior year, to re-evaluate my goals and to decide how I can make the next year better.

After all, the world is not standing still – things are changing around me every day, and if I want to succeed, I need to consciously make the decision to evolve.

I am sure your organization goes through a similar process each year.I know mine does! Complacency is definitely not an option in our industry.

But in the excitement of setting the goals, there is one thing organizations often forget to do …

Look out for the barnacles

I am not a boating guy, but I appreciate the elegance and the engineering that goes into it. Whether it is powered by a sail, paddle or an engine, designers build boats to move forward with the least amount of friction and to convert as much available power as possible into that forward motion. How well the boat performs depends on its design and on the skill of the crew.

But there is also something else. Something below the surface, quite literally.

If you ever find yourself near a boat maintenance facility, you’ll likely see boats pulled out of the water, where professionals are cleaning and resurfacing their hulls.


Barnacles. Any part of the boat submerged in water begins growing colonies of these things, and if left unchecked, they can grow truly massive, adding a lot of weight and friction. If that happens, it does not matter how good the crew is, or how well the boat is designed – a boat with an overgrowth of algae and barnacles is not going to perform well.

Your organization is the boat. And in much the same way as the barnacles, legacy technologies and processes can slow it down.

The artist formerly known as ECM

If you have not looked at enterprise content management (ECM) technologies for a few years, you probably missed the fundamental transition the ECM industry made to content services.

This shift to content services is not just about the name change, and it’s not even about the new features (even though there are plenty). The technology itself is important, but the shift is just as importantly about how vendors deliver the technology and how customers consume it.

Things like the cloud, low-code platforms, microservices, APIs and containers are suddenly not something only developers care about – they are keys to digital transformation, to customer experience and to competitive differentiation.

They enable flexible, adaptable user interfaces that help your employees work better and your customers get what they need faster. They enable next-generation application delivery, giving you continuously improved technology and your business departments the power to configure and deploy their own applications. They also enhance your organization’s technology ecosystem with seamless integrations, embeddable functionality and intelligent automation.

If you haven’t updated your content management platform in a few years,

it could actually be slowing you down.

If you haven’t updated your content management platform in a few years, it could actually be slowing you down. Old technology can have real costs to the organization – not just maintenance and support, but also lost productivity, information silos, inefficient processes, degraded customer experience, security and compliance risks.

What better time for a fresh beginning than the start of a new decade?

Think long-term

The 2010s are over. An entirely new decade will bring about new opportunities and new challenges. One thing we know for certain is that the volume of information and the scope of related regulation will continue to expand.

Do you have the right technology foundation to succeed in the 2020s? Chances are, your legacy content management platform is not up to the task.

Luckily, moving on is not hard to do.

Forget the massive enterprise deployments of the early 2000s. With Hyland, you can start simple. One solution. One department.

Maybe choose the one that needs the most help with managing content and processes. Dip your toe. Feel the power of low-code application development, of cloud deployment, of modern user experience, of intelligent governance rules. You can always roll out to other areas later – the platform will already be there.

And you don’t need to worry, we designed it to scale and flex depending on your needs.

Want fresh ideas? Talk to our experts.

Our experts understand your industry trends and best practices. Chances are, no matter what your challenge is, they have already seen it and overcome it. That means we can help you find shortcuts to ROI.

But what about all my data?

So, you want to move forward, but your legacy system is holding key data hostage.

No problem – your data migration and conversion options are now more robust than ever before. Move it all at once or as you need it. Or use analytics to intelligently analyze your data and move only what you need — for example only the records with active retention requirements.

Ready to scope out what’s possible in your new decade? Ready to scrape off the barnacles? Ready to slice through the waves faster than the competition?

Check out our tools and resources to help you move forward.

Dennis Chepurnov

Dennis Chepurnov

Dennis is an enterprise technology evangelist with over 15 years of experience in helping organizations improve business processes through better information management. In his current role as the Principal of... read more about: Dennis Chepurnov

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