Zen 3.0 at #CommunityLIVE

Last fall, my now former colleague, Kate Barney, shared her top 10 ways to turn CommunityLIVE into a Zen experience. I say former colleague because she retired this past July.

Talk about finding Zen.

This year, I’ll be pinch-hitting for Kate, serving as the in-room host for our healthcare track. So I’ve put together my own plan to make the most of my CommunityLIVE conference experience. I call it Zen 3.0.

Guru tips

Here are five ways to achieve that blissful state:

1. Stop, look and listen

In other words, be present. This is planned time out of the office. Treat it as such. I plan to set my out of office response and schedule the times I’ll check emails and voice mails.

After all, the whole point of being at the conference is to actually be there, right? I’ve found that engaging in too much back-and-forth communication with the home office interferes with my ability to be truly engaged and I don’t want to feel shortchanged.

2. Talk to strangers

Between breakfasts, lunches, refreshments, and dinners, there are plenty of networking opportunities during breaks at CommunityLIVE. Each day I’m in Nashville, I’m going to sit with people I don’t know for at least one meal.

Much like “drink more water” and “get more sleep” have permanent places among my New Year’s resolutions, this is a built-in practice for me since I attended my first Hyland conference in 2011. I’ve met some really great customers from around the world simply by asking, “Is this seat taken?”

3. Rekindle relationships  

I’ve heard people say this conference feels like a family reunion. I say it’s better. Aunt Mary isn’t there pushing her haluski on you even though you already have a full plate of food and no one ever asks you when you’re going to get married. And, while I haven’t had a family reunion in years, I can’t say I miss any of that.

But, by not attending CommunityLIVE for the past two years, I do feel like I’ve missed out. This year, I’m really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and reconnecting with those customers-turned-friends who I met years ago.

I’m looking at you Alan Duke. You, too, Bob Dunning.

4. Take notes

Maybe you’re a laptop kind of person. Or, a write-on-your-tablet-with-your-finger type. Me? I’m old-school and rely on a notebook and a pen.

Regardless of how you jot down ideas and those sound bites that just strike a chord, do it. If it resonates with you, write it down. I’m hoping to fill at least a few pages.

I doubt I’ll hit 26 pages, but I’ll try.

5. Buy the boots

… but break them in first. Another thing I recall from past conferences is the amount of walking I did – whether it was from my room to the conference area or just around the conference itself.

The Gaylord Opryland has a lot of real estate. The good news is, we’re guaranteed to get our steps in.

Follow these five tips this week and we both may return to our respective ends of the universe all a-glow from our new-found knowledge and expanded consciousness.

See you in Nashville for #CommunityLIVE!

Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel joined Hyland in 2011. A member of the content marketing team, this SCUBA-diving, rock-n-rolling, baseball-loving storyteller currently covers healthcare. She also frequently appears in or provides voice talent... read more about: Julie Fogel

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