You’re not in it alone: #CommunityLIVE


CommunityLIVE kicked off this morning at The Venetian in Las Vegas. And, while there is training and technology aplenty, make no mistake: People – plain ol’ ordinary people like you and me – are the heart and soul of this event.

“Software is a set of capabilities. People decide how best to use those capabilities,” Bill Priemer, president and CEO of Hyland, creator of OnBase said as he opened general session.

People use technology to make their jobs, their lives, and, frankly, our world, a better place. Lofty? Yes. But true nonetheless.

Today’s general session, from Priemer’s opening remarks through Guy Kawasaki’s guest keynote on “The Art of Innovation” and into VP of Strategy Brenda Kirk’s closing words, touched on the notion that in order for our jobs, our lives and our world to become better, each and every one of us must embrace failure.

And not in an “Oh, well, at least I tried” kind of way. More of a “That didn’t work, but what if I try this?” kind of way.

It’s up to us to keep pushing boundaries, to challenge convention, to “jump the curve” to borrow a phrase from Mr. Kawasaki. I’m willing to put money on the fact – I’m in Vegas, after all – that we won’t always succeed on the first try.

“When we lean on our community,” Priemer said, “we become empowered to push through our limitations.”

He’s right. There is strength in numbers. And, no one has to be a “big shot” to have the next great idea. CommunityLIVE offers each of us the opportunity to tap into the OnBase community. It’s where we’ll find innovation and inspiration. It’s where we can hash out our ideas for solving problems big and small.

Now, take the advice of that former pizza-shop dishwasher turned VP: Have fun. Learn a lot. Make a plan. Travel back home. Take action.

How will you innovate?

Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel joined Hyland in 2011. A member of the content marketing team, this SCUBA-diving, rock-n-rolling, baseball-loving storyteller currently covers healthcare. She also frequently appears in or provides voice talent... read more about: Julie Fogel

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