Why do I attend #CommunityLIVE year after year?

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There are many reasons why I attend CommunityLIVE every year. It is hands-down the best conference I have ever attended. We work hard, and we play hard. The food and refreshments are plentiful. And the positive energy is palpable.

The schedule is jam-packed with opportunities to attend lecture sessions, participate in hands-on training, have a conversation with an OnBase employee (anywhere – at lunch, in the hall, at the evening activity), and talk to other users who have a plethora of knowledge they happily share.

Something for everyone

At CommunityLIVE, there is something (or many things) for everyone. If the conference does not have something you are looking for this year, submit that feedback, and chances are Hyland will add it in the future. Hyland truly values customer feedback.

Case in point – CommunityFIT! Anyone joining me for yoga and insanity boot camp before breakfast?

Regarding the sessions, the presenters are very well-organized and prepared. There aren’t just a few stellar presenters, but literally all of them are great. It is really impressive.

I mean, with titles like “Product Evangelists,” they can’t help but ooze enthusiasm.

CommunityLIVE is an opportunity to come out of the trees and survey the forest. It is easy to get caught in the daily grind of the details and forget to take the time to look at the possibilities. This is an opportunity to step away from the office, turn on your autoreply, and really concentrate focused energy on growing your OnBase knowledge, peer relations, and vendor relationships.

Oh, and they have a dessert bar every afternoon. There is usually bacon at breakfast too. Did I mention dessert?

If you’re here in Orlando, come find me at the dessert bar!


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