Welcome to #CommunityLIVE 2018!


Hello and welcome to CommunityLIVE 2018!

I’m so excited for this year’s conference – our biggest and best yet. As Matt mentions above, innovation, collaboration, and educational opportunities will be at the forefront this week.

If you’re here, make sure to take advantage of the fantastic sessions and events we have planned. There are so many opportunities to learn about content services and power your organization’s digital transformation.

And even if you can’t be here, catch my General Session keynote live on Facebook, today at 10 a.m. EST. I’ll be talking about some of the unique ways that Hyland customers connect, and how we’re working together to deliver more effective, personalized experiences for their customers.

I hope you find CommunityLIVE as informative and enriching as I always do. Thank you for coming (or watching) and have a great time. Here we go!

Bill Priemer

Bill Priemer

Bill Priemer is president and chief executive officer of Hyland. Bill joined the company in 1997 as vice president of Marketing. He was promoted to Vice President of Sales &... read more about: Bill Priemer

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