Tuesday’s my favorite day at #CommunityLIVE

Government VOGUE

It’s Tuesday at CommunityLIVE and it’s my favorite day.

Why? Because today is the day I can sit in a room with OnBase users from all levels of government, trading ideas about all the great things they have done with their OnBase systems. Sponsored by the Government end users’ group (called the GoVOGUE), it’s one of our most popular sessions at CommunityLIVE.

This is the applied science of an enterprise investment, using the collective ideas of end users and Hylanders to solve the next great challenge in government. Whether that is how to expand OnBase, how to train new end users or even how to integrate OnBase with other key systems – like ERPs, Cityworks, and Esri – CommunityLIVE provides time to connect with government peers who may be working on the same project you are working on or have already completed the same project.

Leveraging the collective wisdom of others

Why is this key for government? Unlike other technology users, government often gets just one chance to get a project right, either because of funding or the highly visible nature of their projects.

If a deployment fails for a constituent service, there will be headlines and public reviews. If an internal process changes for the worse after a new project, you will lose the hearts and minds of the very people who need to make a paradigm shift to use enterprise content management (ECM) in government.

For these reasons and many others, dedicated peer-to-peer project review, best practices discussions and tips and tricks are the most popular sessions at CommunityLIVE. The collective wisdom of government OnBase users is a valuable force and a great start to CommunityLIVE.

And, it may be the session that saves or speeds up your next OnBase project.

I admit that loving Tuesday at CommunityLIVE is selfish. Watching Govies share with their peers is not just inspiring, it’s the work that is transforming government every day by using OnBase to improve program delivery, staff efficiency and constituent service.

Who doesn’t want to spend their afternoon listening to those stories?

Terri Jones

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is an enterprise advisor with Hyland’s Global Services team. Before coming to Hyland, in her 10-plus years in both state and local government, she’s managed IT departments, implemented... read more about: Terri Jones

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